Joint adapter

Joint adapter
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14 male and 18 male glass converter adapter

14 male and 18 male glass converter adapterweight about 2oz , high 3 inchs. ..


Female and Female Glass on Glass Adapter converter

Please select from 19 female and 19 female or 14 female and 14 female converter. ..


Glass Cruve bidge adapter

Glass Curve bridge adapter 18.8mm male jointsmale to male glass adapterabout 3 inch long..


glass dome set with titanium nail

two options, 14mm or 18mm , 18.8MM GLASS DOME SET WITH TITANIUM NAIL. the joint is 18.8mm up a..


Glass I-Adapter Dome & Nail Set

Glass I-Adapter Dome & Nail Set, 14mm or 18mm joint glass dome nail set. ..


glass joint three way splinter

glass joint three way splinter 18mm male jointsgood for smoking two bowl at once...


Glass Pipe joint converter 18mm male and 14mm famale

Glass pipe joint converter 18 mm male and 14 mm female ..


Male to Male Glass Pipe Conveter

male to male glass  converter adapter,chose 14 male to 14 male or 19 male to 19 male glass adap..