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Hand Pipes

Hand Pipes
Enjoy the taste of tobacco with each smoke with our exclusive glass hand pipes. Choose theglass pipes models that are best suited to your style. From the cheapest glass hand pipes tothe newest glass pipes such as the illuminated glass hand pipe and the glass bubbler hand pipes, choose the ones that are right for you.
size about 4.5 Inches join Head  weight 130gram, heavy Hand Pipe. green and white frosty spiral on the bodygreen and white dot on the bowl ,   ..
45/50GM Plus 3 Inches Assorted Mix Color Hand Pipe.weight about 55g ..
3 inches long white color frit glass hand pipe, white pipe with blue dots on the bowl ..
3.5 INCHES HEAVY HAND PIPE. Assorted Color,1pc only.weight about 55g ..
3.5" green color mushroom glass handpipe, weight 50g, unique design mushroom dots on the mouthpiece ..
3.5" Hand Pipe.weight about 60gspecial flow on the bowlassorted colors ..
3.5" Texas Blown Honeycomb Spoons with Ash catcher 3.5" Texas Blown Honeycomb Spoons with Ash catcher
Out Of Stock
Texas Blown Honeycomb Spoons with Ash catcher Glass Hand Pipe assorted color, 1pc only. very high qualiyt America Made Glass Pipe. ..
4 Inches long,  weight about 120GM Heavy duty red twisting  dot Hand Pipe.Assorted Colors, ..
about 4 Inches light blue color with dots Head Twisting,black residues colors on the mouthpiece weight about 110GM Heavy Glass Hand Pipe. ..
4" blue one eye glass handpipe the pipe is mainly blue color, the outstanding white color design on the bowl,are very nice weight about 90 g ..
4" Dark Glass Pink squid glass handpipeweight about 60gram.  very unique handpipe,..
4" Dot Green Spoon glass pipe, with four clear dots on the bowl very unique designweight 62g ..
 4 inch long frit hand glass pipe, and beautiful color too.pipe was designs with one or two color strip spinning around it.weight about 150g ..
4" Glass Pipe Assorted Colors, 4" Glass Pipe Assorted Colors,
-29 %
4" P Glass Pipe Assorted Colors,  heavy peanut pipe weight about 30g ..
$6.95 $4.95
4" Glow in Dark glass Handpiperandom orange and blue lines on clear bodyweight about 55g*This item require special order it may take up to 6-12 business day to deliver...
4" Green Scorpion Glass Hand pipeweight about 60gram.  very unique handpipe, in the dark you will only see the scorpion itself. ..
Brand: GRAV Lab
The GRAV® Bubble Trap Spoon Hand Pipe is 4" long and made on 25mm tubing. Its inverted mouthpiece catches ash, its signature bubbles are trapped between layers of clear and colored glass, and its thick walls add weight and durability. No accessories or water are necessary for using this hand..
4" milk white Raider Spoon Glass Pipe
Out Of Stock
4" Milky white Hello Kitty Spoon Glass Hand Pipe 4" Milky white Hello Kitty Spoon Glass Hand Pipe
Out Of Stock
4" Milk White Color hello kitty Spoon Glass Hand Pipe,Cute Hello Kitty on the top of the pipe,  weight approx 62 gram, Power hole on the left side,  ..
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