chilliums pipes are conical pipe with end-to-end channel with a bowl face front, not face top, and they are an age old tool used traditionally for spiritual smoking sessions. most time the chillum pipe made from stone, according to studies people staring using chillim pipe since mid-1960 and it was spread to the world  from India, most people confuse with chillum pipe and Bat, Bat mostly fits dugout and use it with dugout together, and Chillum are made from stone or glass,do not need a dugout to use

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3.2 inch heavy 1hitter glass pipe Out Of Stock

3.2 inch heavy 1hitter glass pipe



3.5" mix color glass sprial hand pipe

weight 45GM, size  3.5" long  Assorted Mix Color Spiral Hand Pipe. ..


4" GRAV® Glass Blunt - Clear

The GRAV® Glass Blunt extends to 4" long and is made on 12mm tubing. Its outer sleeve fits around ..


78mm Metal Cigarette One Hitter Pipe 3units

Metal cigarette one hitter. Real cigarette size. The front side has sharp edge for cutting and grind..


BOXCar Donut Chillum Pipe ,Made in USA -14%

BOXCar Donut Chillum Pipe ,Made in USA

Glass Donut Chillum Pipe ,approx 1.5 inch ,ship out randomly colors,  Large boxcar donut chi..

$22.00 $19.00

Face Chillum Made in USA -25%

Face Chillum Made in USA

Fumed chillum with face design and built in ash catcher, hand blown in the USA.  Assorted style..

$23.99 $18.00

The Original OG Chillum 100pcs, Retail Box, Made in USA

This 4 inch OG Chillum glass pipe is made in the USA from heatex glass. This is highest quality chil..


The Original OG Chillum Made in USA

The OG Chillum glass pipe is the highest quality product on the market in terms of materials and fl..