Novelty Pipe

Novelty Pipe

Novelty Pipe refer to metal tobacco pipes, the most common see novelty pipe are the hidden diversion tobacco pipes, when you did not use it, they will look like something else, people normllay carry around in their wallet or packets, the popular ones are the six shooter pipes, with is a revolver magzine with metal mouthpiece, after each time you smoking just simply turn the revolver and start use next one, and the Credit Card pipes, those pipe are made exactly like a credit card, in size and thinkness, you can carry in your wallet and its also very easy to clean, and also there is Zippo Pipe, chewing gun pipes, toilets pipes, Hi liter Pipe,Car lighter pipes,lipstick novelty pipe

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2 Part Aluminium Magnet Pipe

2 Part Aluminium Magnet Pipe, the pipe is about 2" inch long when not foldded ship out assorte..


2" Diamond Cut Color Sneak a Toke Bullet Metal Tobacco Pipe

2" Diamond cut sneak Bullet Metal Pipe,assorted color, sneak a toke, the size about 2.2 inch long, ..


2.5" Spark Plug Metal Pipe Sneak A Toke

2.5" Spark Plug Metal Pipe Sneak A Toke  this sneak pipe allow you smoke in any place almost..


3" Metal Chillum pipe with lid

3"  Metal Chillum tobacco pipe with lid, assorted colors,..


3" Metal Tobacco Hand Pipe

3"  Metal Tobacco Hand Pipe, assorted color,..


3" 3d Glow in Dark Metal Tobacco Pipe

3D Glowing in Night Metal Pipe with Lid, price for 1pc only,  pipe come with builtin screen,..


3" Double Hitter Metal Hand Pipe

3" Double Hitter Metal Hand Pipe with lads, assorted colors,..


3" Metal Chillum with Teeth

3" Metal Chillum pipe with Teeth ,assorted color,..


3" Metal Tobacco pipe pipe assorted designs

3" Metal pipe assorted designs, with lid and built in screens, very easy to carry and to clean, fast..


3" Self Cleaing Metal Cigarette Bat, EZ Bats 1pc

About 3" long Self Cleaing Metal Cigarette Bat Pipe, EZ Bats. Assorted Color ships, very high qua..


4" Large Zeppelin tobacco pipe

4" or 95mm Large  Zeppelin tobacco pipe, Zeppelin pipe are shape like fat cigar, most popular m..


4" light up metal tobacco pipe

Metal tobacco pipe with lights,size about 4 inch weight 4 oz, come with a screenspring body and led ..


4" Silicone Tobacco Pipe -34%

4" Silicone Tobacco Pipe

4" Unbreakable Silicone Tobacco Pipe, come with jar lid and steel spoon,Length: 108mmPot Dia: 27mmHi..

$8.95 $5.95

4" Silicone Tobacco Pipe with lid

This tobacco smoking pipe fits in any occasions to usesize 4 inch, weight 25gram,shinning colors, ma..


6 Shooter Tobacco Pipe with revolving chamber

6 Shooter Pipe with revolving chamber. it also have built in grinder, this is high quality item, ..


78mm Metal Cigarette One Hitter Pipe 3units

Metal cigarette one hitter. Real cigarette size. The front side has sharp edge for cutting and grind..


ALLINOne Tobacco Pipe with Grinder and Screen 2 - 3 Days

ALLINOne Tobacco Pipe with Grinder and Screen

ALLINOne Tobacco Pipe with Grinder and ScreenPlastic grinder, metal tobacco pipe with leaf design, a..


Bendable Spring Metal Tobacco Pipe

The Spring pipe is an amazing little smoking device. Bring it with you wherever you go.Discrete a..


Brass Proto Pipe - Low Profile

Brass Proto Pipe - Low ProfileMaterial: BrassLength: 83mmColor: GoldWeight: 66gPot Diameter:12mm ..


Bullet Keychain tobacco pipe

This pipe looks just like a golden bullet on a key chain. this is 1hitter style pipe The perfect pip..


Chewing Gum Double Mint Arrrow Tobacco Pipe

Chewing Gum pipe is  1:1 real size to the gum, its very discreet and portable . weight 2oz s..


Cigarette Holder Pinch onehitter

The length: 3 inchweight about 3 oz,1 units, assorted color..


Click N Vape Portable Mini Herbal Vape Smoke Pipe -40%

Click N Vape Portable Mini Herbal Vape Smoke Pipe

Instructions: Simply load the Click N Vape with your favorite legal herb  then clic..

$9.95 $5.99

Co2 Nitrous Oxide Nos Cracker Ez Whipped Cream Dispensers

if you looking for perfect and colorful ez to use Gas Cracker dispenser this is the right product,th..


Diamond Cut Metal Pipe with lid

Diamond Cut Metal Pipe with lid, easy to use,  3 inch long, Assorted Color 1pc, ..


Easy twisty glass blunt for tobacco smoking Out Of Stock

Easy twisty glass blunt for tobacco smoking

Fits a whopping 1.5 grams of tobacco at one time Unique Infini-cherry design keeps your tobacc..


Flashlight Metal Smoking Tobacco Pipe

Metal Flashlight Tobacco Pipe, Assorted Color,come with keying, easy to carry, great on the go tobac..


Hi LiterMarker Pen Secret Tobacco Pipe

Hi liter Pen METAL PIPE Metal Tobacco Pipe hidden inside working hi-liter. This is easily conceala..


Hidden Bracelet Metal Tobacco Pipe

Bracelet pipe, made by nice hand craft  This is the newest hot novelty stealth pipe, size ab..


Lipstick Pipe Secret Diversion Metal Tobacco Pipe

discreet tobacco pipe Hidden in a real life size  lipstick,Secret Tobacco Lipstick Pipe - 1 Tob..