• Silicone pipe vs glass pipe

    Silicone pipe vs glass pipe
    In now days maybe one in every of the foremost “smoker-friendly” trends to hit the market recently is that the rush of silicone smoking devices. With the recent announcement of growth, Simple Glass Pipe is currently starting to provide a good array of silicone pipes, bongs, rigs, nectar collectors and accessories.    Besides merely being colourful, these versatile devices square measure much indestructible in...
  • Smoking vape with Water filter ?

    Smoking vape with Water filter ?
    Vape with Water is very dangerous and Do not recommend, vape with water will burn up so much stems, there not much better taste, and it will burn you mouth badly. most time water is occasionally used for high concentrations of VG juices. Water makes the juices wick more easily. Generally speaking, VG is highly viscous which might be problematic to some tanks if...
  • borosilicate glass and pyrex glass

    borosilicate glass and pyrex glass
    borosilicate glass is general type of glass have high resists on chemicals and acid degradation      Pyrex is just a brand name. there many borosilicate glass use it by other names. Pyrex was traditionally made of boro-silicate glass, and was produced by a division of Corning called the Consumer Products Company. That division was spun off by Corning to Borden (of dairy products fame) in 1998. Along...
  • How to use the Zeppelin pipe

    How to use the Zeppelin pipe
    What is Zeppelin Pie ?       Zeppelin pipe or Torpedo Pipe, it is a pipe designed to smoke with out flames,  it to eliminate the fire when you can still smoking it , and never get caught on fire or people,  Most common see is the torpedo pipe, people call it torpedo pipe because the shape of the pipe is exactly like a miniature...
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