Smoking vape with Water filter ?

Vape with Water is very dangerous and Do not recommend, vape with water will burn up so much stems, there not much better taste, and it will burn you mouth badly.

most time water is occasionally used for high concentrations of VG juices. Water makes the juices wick more easily. Generally speaking, VG is highly viscous which might be problematic to some tanks if the juice is not cut with something else. Also, for people with PG allergies, they tend to use distilled water whereby they cut the juices with approximately 5 to 15% depending on personal preference and extent of the allergy. When vaping water, water vapor is the ultimate result. When smoking it in, water vapor tends to condense in the mouth. Since it is pretty hot, there are higher chances that it might damage the mouth, burn either the lips or tongue or both and may also burn the pharynx. By the time it reaches the lungs, it will be almost at body temperature and will do very little or no harm to the alveoli. Though with regular water vaping, there is no assurance that this might be the ultimate turn of events.

The psychological effect of vaping is all the thrill and excitement of blowing the huge clouds and having fun. Well, with vaping water, don’t expect that. Once inhaled, it quickly condenses and turns back into the water. So, all the heavy clouds will not be experienced. It would be a great disappointment since what comes out is basically nothing or if anything at all, colorless steam.

f you mix your own e-liquid, you can try replacing some of the propylene glycol in it with distilled water, or, in VG-intensive liquids, thinning it with distilled water instead of PG.

This experiment is for people who experience an allergic reaction to PG but find a pure-VG mix too thick for their liking. I know of no other reason to try it.

Water thins the mix more than PG does, so I’d say the total amount of water in the liquid shouldn’t exceed 15% and should typically be around 5% to 10%. It vapes much hotter than either VG or PG, so even at lower percentages you may find that your atomizer crackles like a Yuletide log and sends tiny but scalding-hot droplets flying up against your lips, mouth, tongue, and throat. If your mix is too thin, you’re also likely to find that your tank is prone to leaking at its vents and various seams.

People keep asking here if it’s ok to vape only water. No, it is not. At best, the result will be that you get no vapour at all because your mod can’t heat the water in the tank high enough. At worst, if you did supply enough power, it would be like putting the end of a steam pipe in your mouth. You’d be off to the ER with possibly permanent burn damage to your innards, and it would all happen incredibly fast and be incredibly painful.

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