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How choose between Glass hammer pipe vs bubbler pipe

07 Nov 2019


How choose between Glass hammer pipe vs bubbler pipe

First what is Glass Hammer pipe by all mean a glass hammer pipe just like the hammer we found in the tool box, glass bowl in the front with down stem sometime its built with percolator arms or matrix disc for water filtration to create more smooth smoking experiences.  the monthpiece tube is the handle and on top there is glass bowl or slide depend on what can percs it has.

For glass bubbler pipe, a glass hammer pipe also consider as a glass bubbler pipe, because if the glass pipe is not a Bong, gaint straight standing pipe with alot cool features,  and it does have water and filtration system ,its a bubbler pipe.  the most common are animal pipe they are bubbler pipe tool.  a bubbler pipe share the same concert with bong pipe but it just more complicate more fashionable design  some may looks like a mini animal or ghost or alien or some tools 

Why we choose bubbler pipe instend of bong pipe ? because they pretty much the same, except bubbler pipe are small in size and made much easy to carry. and must better looking.  more unique. most the time when you walking into a smoke shop you will find the first thing is the eye catching bubbler pipe, many design and it come with all shapes and colors,

how do you take care your bubbler pipe ?

when you use it for while all pipes no matter which type they will leave this yellow brownish residue looks dirty kind like you yellow stains you piss on the jar. you have to remove it or give it proper clean. other wise it may effect the smell it just ugly af.  so you need clean you pipe at least once a week.  you  may use the dish soap to clean it and clean water just wash it away.  there some 420 cleaning kit for glass pipe, but they no different from the dish wash soap from kitchen. save the money use the dish soap, and from the deep tube or bottom end you cannot reach there some straw cleaning it same like the one from academy store when you cleaning a barrel .and let it dry use ready to use it next day.



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