Quartz vs Glass Bangers

     To be simple, if you try to bite both quartz and glass banger, the quartz banger will feel like stone, harder, and glass will feel differently,

quarter are much harder stronger, can stand for heat for longer time, normal glass banger will give in very fast.

secondly when you heating up the quartz glass, the bottom will turn reds, then you can drop it in water, and it wont crack, normall glass canont stand the cold and hot.

Quartz Glass is manufactured by melting naturally occurring high purity quartz sand at approximately 2000 °C, using either an electrically heated furnace or a gas/oxygen-fueled furnace (flame fused). Fused quartz is normally transparent. The optical and thermal properties of fused quartz are superior to those of other types of glass due to the purity of quartz. Due to these properties, quartz is used in markets such as semiconductor fabrication and laboratory equipment.

Quartz glass features :

1. good transmission behavior in ultra-violet, visible and infrared wavelengths

2. high temperature endurance

3. a low coefficient of thermal expansion

4. good thermal shock resistance

5. excellent electrical insulation

6. high chemical purity

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