• The difference between Smoking a bubbler and a bong

    As you fall in love with smokes and cannabis, you will always want to take and adventure and explore other ways of enjoy your smoke. The good news is that manufacturers and technology are aware of this fact and so, they will not disappoint you. You are sure to always get more fun ways of enjoying your smoking and making more out of your...
  • How to clean a silicone or glass pipe ?

    First get your pipe read, if you have a silicone or glass bong, you need to take off all attachments, you may have for example downstem, slide, bowls, put aside . then hold the pipe upside down to make sure there is not any leftover substance inside the pipe, for smaller pipes like the elephant pipe or silicone hand pipes  you can skip this...
  • How to use a bong for beginners

    How to use a bong for beginners Marijuana as a recreational drug is gradually gaining its place legally in the society today. A recent study has shown that over 30 million adults in the United States which is about 11% of the population is smoking, drinking or eating marijuana. So if you are new to the smoking world, then you are not late yet...
  • How choose between Glass hammer pipe vs bubbler pipe

      How choose between Glass hammer pipe vs bubbler pipe First what is Glass Hammer pipe by all mean a glass hammer pipe just like the hammer we found in the tool box, glass bowl in the front with down stem sometime its built with percolator arms or matrix disc for water filtration to create more smooth smoking experiences.  the monthpiece tube is the...
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