• How do I quit weed?

    How do I quit weed?
    Firstly It’s a fairly popular notion that “marijuana is not addictive”. You probably believed this yourself for a very long time but now maybe you’re starting to think otherwise. Here’s some validation for what you’re going through right now: Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that 9% of recreational users develop a dependence on marijuana. If you started as a...
  • weed or cigarette which is worse?

    weed or cigarette which is worse?
    Tobacco smoking could be a common health blight. Smokers crave the chemical toxin however you'll be able to currently use a vaporizer to urge that heart kick. i do not understand if that's a safer solution to plant toxin dose or not. it's prefer it goes to be around for the predictable future,so analysis will be done. As for cannabis you do not simply...
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