• Bong SMoking quiting Tips

    Bongs are considered to be less harmful than other smoking substances as carcinogens are filtered while passing through water. But this is just a word of mouth, as all smoking agents are hazardous for health. Bongs are water pipes, burnt cannabis is filtered in water and you see water turning dusty black. The smoke rises from pipe and reaches to your mouth, throat, windpipe...
  • How do I quit weed?

    How do I quit weed?
    Firstly It’s a fairly popular notion that “marijuana is not addictive”. You probably believed this yourself for a very long time but now maybe you’re starting to think otherwise. Here’s some validation for what you’re going through right now: Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that 9% of recreational users develop a dependence on marijuana. If you started as a...
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