are weed good for elderly ?

I’m not sure I even follow the question. Could be the work of devil weed zapping my intellect. But what exactly would you be worried about? Perhaps you are worried that you may be missing out on something? Or that grandma might go follow the Grateful Dead (ok I mean Dead and Company)? Wait I know. You’re afraid that she’s hoarding the righteous buds leaving none for you. Now I think I really understand what you are worried about. You’re worried that the bullshit you’ve been fed all your life about “Reefer Madness” was a massive conspiracy and not based on valid science, You fear that by supporting it you were actually enabling organized crime to profit and murder while the governments amassed a giant cache of weapons to protect tobacco, liquor and private prisons. Yeah, all that hypocrisy and lying is worrisome. And the simple fact is grandma might actually start enjoying jam bands and attending Burning Man.

When is the bullshit going to end. When will governments stop lying while pandering to special interests? It’s 100% cool if you don’t want to smoke weed or use CBD or THC products. I support personal liberty. What I don’t support is fake news and tired attempts to legislate what passes in some places as morals.

Is it even possible for you to consider that you’re the victim of as massive conspiracy?

The world is full of older people who started smoking cannabis in the boom years of the 1960s, when cannabis first entered the mainstream of public consciousness. These people range from those who were in high school (in their 60s now) to those who were in their 30s back then (now in their 80s).

Then there are people who began smoking in their later years. They’re usually careful about how and when they smoke. Often they have a doctor’s recommendation for medical use and use cannabis to relieve symptoms for which pharmaceuticals fail to provide relief. Or perhaps they are self-medicating based on their experience with different treatments.

Maybe your grandmother is one of these people. I wouldn’t be worried that she’s smoking. My main concern would be to ensure that she’s buying it from a reputable medical cannabis dispensary; one that supports and/or grows organically and responsibly. People who buy from unknown suppliers may end up supporting criminal organizations and illegal grows, which destroy public land by diverting water supplies, killing local fauna, and using dangerous and often illegal poisons such as DDT as pesticides and herbicides.

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