• 10 Best tips for Dabbing

    Do you want to be a good showman at the next bon party, or you want to be the centre of attraction as the coolest smoker. Then you have to read this article as you would learn some great tricks to get all eyes on you in the next party you attend to. Tricks that would even want non-smokers to want to be able...
  • How to clean a silicone or glass pipe ?

    First get your pipe read, if you have a silicone or glass bong, you need to take off all attachments, you may have for example downstem, slide, bowls, put aside . then hold the pipe upside down to make sure there is not any leftover substance inside the pipe, for smaller pipes like the elephant pipe or silicone hand pipes  you can skip this...
  • How to use a Dab Rig/Oil Rig? for beginners

    WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF DAB RIG? Just like bong, there are several types of dab rig and we are going to explain them in this article to enable you make the right choice while keeping a dab rig for your comfort. The traditional or conventional dab rig: if you are a lover of wax and rosin dab, you should be familiar to this...
  • How to use a bong for beginners

    How to use a bong for beginners Marijuana as a recreational drug is gradually gaining its place legally in the society today. A recent study has shown that over 30 million adults in the United States which is about 11% of the population is smoking, drinking or eating marijuana. So if you are new to the smoking world, then you are not late yet...
  • CBD vs THC: Whats the Difference?

    CBD vs THC: Whats the Difference?
    CBD vs THC: Whats the Difference?              It seems no one can escape the constant barrage of CBD ads on radio and TV, all touting the extraordinary benefits of this new holistic cure for the aches and pains that ail us humans. Demand for natural medicine is growing because of its well-known health benefits. However, confusion about CBD and THC prevents people from fully...
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