• Use cannabis for pain relief?

    When someone suffers from chronic pain, one of the worst aspects of their lives can be lack of sleep. When you live with chronic pain, it’s no surprise that you might have trouble getting some quality shut-eye. During REM sleep our bodies restore themselves, so the inability to get enough sleep compounds an already debilitating issue of chronic pain. Not only is cannabis therapeutic...
  • 5 Major type glass pipe for smoking

    5 Major type glass pipe for smoking
    Type of Glass Pipes for Smoking Cannabis Pipes are manufactured by using a variety of materials like glass, corn cob, wood, metal for smoking. A glass pipe is one of the most popular things to take cannabis. It is significant for its glass as it doesn’t change flavors to the smoking experience. Pipes of porous clays or combustible woods were regarded precise for the...
  • Metal Pipe

    Metal Pipe
    So i bought this item earlier this week, i opened it and there were no screens with the pipe. But there was one in thenpipe already. Also there was a hex screw and not a regular Philips. And a couple days later i turned it and it totally came apart. Thankgod i found all the pieces. But other than that it is a great...
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