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5 Major type glass pipe for smoking

30 May 2019

Type of Glass Pipes for Smoking Cannabis

Pipes are manufactured by using a variety of materials like glass, corn cob, wood, metal for smoking. A glass pipe is one of the most popular things to take cannabis. It is significant for its glass as it doesn’t change flavors to the smoking experience. Pipes of porous clays or combustible woods were regarded precise for the additional test but nowadays glass pipe becomes more popular because of the complex varieties of cannabis and tobacco. Moreover, it provides a purer smoking experience. Glass are different in types and shapes. Each of the types have significant use and each has distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

In market one can find approximately five different types of glass pipes. 


It is also called hand pipes because of its size and shape. It is the most basic shape of glass pipe available as it is small and simple. One has to pack smoking materials into the end, apply flame  and can inhale easily. It has no carburetor so the smoke can’t easily cleared. That’s why it is suitable for small amount of cannabis.


It is significant because it has glass on glass fittings on one side of the pipe. Also both ends are open and open end near the bowl functions as the carburetor. Some of them have chambers between the glass and the mouthpiece that helps smoke to be rolled to enhance cooling. Steamrollers are not recommended for novice smokers


It is considered to be the next step up from the chillum as it is similar in shape and construction. Only exceptional thing is that it has a glass at one end where the cannabis smoke deposits. It has a carburetor which is simply a small hole in the tube. It can also differ from the chillum from it involves covering the hole with fingers to draw air and then uncovering the hole to inhale.IN this way smoke remains fresh.


It is very iconic glass pipe which is named after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes as he had used it. At the end of the pipe there is a glass or stem which holds the cannabis product where heat is applied. Then the smoke go through the stem. Sometime, these cool glass pipes are designed with carburetors, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule.


It is very much complex from the other four glass pipe. This is also called hybrid of glass pipe or the bong. Though it is small in size but water is must as like as bong. The water works as a filter for the smoke then diffusing it and at last creates little bubbles.

Most of the time Glass pipe is used by the smokers who need a pure taste from the cannabis smoke. As it is non-porous and non-combustible, it makes the smoke fresh. People also love this pipe for the attractive design and cool shape. Glass pipe literally eliminate the need for the paper to make a cannabis joint. It provides not only a pure flavor but also smoke the non-toxic smoke. It is much healthier than the conventional joint paper. The glass pipe is very helpful for germaphobes as it has no cavities and it is very easy to clean.



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