Use cannabis for pain relief?

When someone suffers from chronic pain, one of the worst aspects of their lives can be lack of sleep. When you live with chronic pain, it’s no surprise that you might have trouble getting some quality shut-eye. During REM sleep our bodies restore themselves, so the inability to get enough sleep compounds an already debilitating issue of chronic pain. Not only is cannabis therapeutic at the moment for many who suffer from chronic pain, but the plant medicine also helps by easing off into dreamland.

Cannabis has been scientifically proven to help patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions such as chronic pain among other acute/chronic health conditions. CBD oil, in particular has proven benefits to promote relaxation and heal the human body.

Cannabis is best for pain relief when it is used topically in a cream or oil form rather than through smoking it. A topical cannabis cream or oil will allow you to re-deliver the cannabinoids into your skin and have them work their way into your blood stream, where they can relieve pain in your muscles and joints. If you are interested in cannabis to relieve headaches, get one with CBD since that is what has been shown to help prevent them.

The cannabis plant produces more than 400 different cannabinoids including Cannabidiol (CBD), which helps modulate pain, inflammation and many other processes in our bodies. The cannabinoid that gets the most attention is called tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) for its psychoactive properties, however studies have found that other cannabinoids do not get you high and actually provide many of the health benefits.

Also, cannabis tea made from recently harvested and properly dried cannabis that still has its cannabinoids in their natural acidic form will be considerably less psychoactive. But that is only if you boil, then immediately reduce the heat to simmer as you add the cannabis for steeping. You also have to be CERTAIN that the cannabis is fresh.

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