Pot to School What ?

Just Recently the Gov of Illinois Bruce Rauner has signed a law requiring public faculties to permit folks to administer medical marijuana in class to eligible kids.

The Republican signed the legislation Wed. The new law permits parents or guardians to administer a “cannabis-infused product” to a student on college property or on a faculty bus if each parent and kid are cleared to use the product by the state’s medical marijuana law.

The law will authorize a faculty to ban dispensing the drug if administrators verify it'd produce a “disruption to the school’s instructional environment” or if it'd expose alternative students to the merchandise.

Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy sponsored the live. She says medical marijuana is usually necessary for kids with debilitative conditions to be ready to attend college.

When  you first heard, people may be shock because there is "weed" in the school, but after you read throght the news, this "weed" is consider medicine  for the trouble kids, would you agree this ? I would vote yes on this new legislation,

Turning something bad into a good, its smart way to go .

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