4" Mini Glass Water Pipe Dabbing Rig - Blue
High: 4 inches Joint size : 14mm joints Bowl : clear 3mm thickness  banger  Thickness : 3mm Perc: Small Shower head Percolator filter weight approx : 250g   This is very unique piece, easy to carry and easy to use,...
6" Pink Glass Water Pipe Bong with Inline RIg - Assorted Color
6" Pink Glass Water Pipe with Inline 14mm Joint size weight approx 260g Base Diameter approx 2.5" Approx Thickness 5mm Banger Included keyboard: girly bongs, pink bongs, pink water pipes, girls water pipe,
6" Glass Oil Recycler Water Pipe
6" Glass Oil Recycle Pipe 14.4mm male joints Bowl & Nail included High: 6 inches weight approx 200g Clear color Matrix peculator filter
$59.95 $39.95
7" Orbis Sphera Water Pipe by Grav Lab
A celestial orb burns powerful and timeless. Light and shadow dance around its center. Let the Orbis Sphera catch you in its beam. Oil RIg SPECIFICATIONS Comes with: 14mm GRAV® Male Banger - 90° Angle - Clear Designed by: Micah Evans Filtration type:...
7.5" Glass Water Pipe with Matrix Perc
High: 7.5 inches Weight : 280g Joint size : 14mm Color : clear Bowl : for oil use Perc: matrix perc  
$45.95 $29.99
7.5" R & M Glass Juicy Box Bubbler Water Pipe
High: 7.5 Inches Joint size : 14mm Color : Green Shape : Juice Box deigns, with clear top and bottm Designs: Random Carton Picture R & M Bowl : Banger Fitting for oil use, very special milky white glass color...
$29.99 $24.95
8" 8 Percolator Arms Tree Glass Water Pipe
 High: 8 inches Perc: arm tree perculator Joint size : 14mm joints Weight : approx 360g Bowl : for oil use Color : clear This is small 7 inches glass water pipe with arm tree designs,  
8" GRAV® Small Straight Base w- Orb Perc Water Pipe
This GRAV® Straight-Based Water Pipe is 8" tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its downstem ends in a broad orb perc that diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage. The tiered body keeps water...
9" Recycler Dab Rig Smoking Water Pipes Bong
High: 9 inches Joint size: 14mm Color : Black/Grayish Weight : 250g Bowl : for oil use Style : Recycler Design Perc : small Showerhead Perc   This is basic dabbing pipe for your everyday use with little designs add...
$59.95 $42.95
9" Matrix Percs Glass Water Pipe
9" Matrix Percs Glass Water Pipe weight 380g Highness 9" Matrix Percs Clear color Bent Neck joint size : 18mm  bowl include heavy base
Sold Out
10" Green Water Pipe Bong
Very special design with milky white color neck and green ring mouthpiece ring, approx 10 inch tall, 14mm size joints, green color middle perc. bowl not included.
Sold Out
10" Pink Bent Neck Volcanic filter layer Glass Water Pipe - Pink
10" Pink Bent Neck Glass Water pipe Pink color Bent Neck 14.4mm female joints Bowl included. weight 310g Diameter 4 inch High quality glass volcanic filter layer   keyboard: girly bongs, pink bongs, pink water pipes, girls water pipe,
Sold Out
10" Vortex Glass Water Dabbing Rig
high: 10 inches Color: Clear Bowl: banger for dabbing Designs: super vortex Percs: showerhead perc Joint size : 14mm joints This is 10 inch high super vortex cool air circulation system glass water dabbing rig.it also have built in showerhead...
Sold Out
11" Purple Bongs Thick Glass Beaker Bong Smoking Glass Rigs
11" inline reclcyer percolator  Unique Design Purple Color14mm joints size banger includedapprox weight about 700g
Sold Out
11"Up Line Glass Water pipe
Up Line Glass Water pipe14.4 female joints.about 11 inch tall.14.4 male glass bowl included.
Sold Out
12" 9 Arms Tree Perculator Honeycomb Filter Glass Water Pipe - Clear Glass
12"    9 Arm Tree Perc  Honeycomb Glass Water Pipe bong Blue color Heavy Base Ice pinch 9 arms tree peculators Straight Neck Honeycomb 18.8mm male joints bowl & nail included
Sold Out
4.5" Green Silicone Water Pipe with Glass Percs - Green
High : 4.5 inches Color: Green Joint size :14.mm joints Bowl : quartz Banger Material : Silicone & Glass 4mm clear high quality quartz banger. glass body with moveable showerhead percolator, they are very easy to take apart to clean....
Sold Out
5" Mini Glass oil Water Rig
High: 5 inches Joint size : 14mm Color : clear Bowl : for oil use   this pipe is very durable and portable easy to carry.
Sold Out
6" 8 Arms Tree Percualtors Glass Water Pipe
6" 8 Arms Tree Percualtors Glass Water Pipe 6" high Weight 180g 8 arm tree percolators 18.8mm male joints Glass bowl include Clear color
Sold Out
6" Glass Water Pipe with Banger rig
High : 6 inches Bowl : Banger Joint size : 14mm Color : Clear body with Blues. This is very high quality small piece, easy to carry. Downstem are built within the pipe, so you will only need to change...
$49.99 $29.99
Sold Out
6" Honeycomb Percs Glass Water Pipe - Blue
14.4mm male joints Thickness: 5mm Blue Color Highness 6" A glass dome 14.4mm   A glass nail 14.4mm A glass bowl 14.4mm A wax oil container(random colours) A Ceramic carb cap tool Honeycomb percs 6" Honeycomb Percs Glass Water Pipe
Sold Out
7" Color Inline Mini Glass Oil Rig - Blue
Color Inline Mini Glass Oil Rig Glass joint: 14.5mm  male  Thickness: 5mm   Heavy base  bowl and glass nail included, weight approx 200g Bent Neck 7" High
$45.95 $29.95
Sold Out
7" Mini Faberge Egg Inline Perc Recycler Pipe
7" Mini Faberge Egg Inline Perc Recycler Pipe Oil Rig 14.4mm male joints highness 7' Inline Percs Mini Faberge Egg Percs Clear color Bowl & Nail include Straight Neck
Sold Out
7" Mini glass water pipe dabbign rig
High: 7 inches Joint size : 14mm Color : clear Weight : approx 200g bowl: for oil use this dab rigs is beginner piece compact and easy to use.
Sold Out
7" mini glass water pipe oil pipes
7" mini glass water pipe with 14.4mm male jointsglass bowl and nail inculcated, downstem diffused
Sold Out
7.5" Glass Bottle Water Pipe Bong Oil Rig
7.5" Thick Glass Bottle shaped Water Pipe14mm Female joints.mini round matrix water filter,weight approx Banger Color may vary.
Sold Out
7in. Cyberpunk Pipe w- Bowl & Banger
7in. Cyberpunk Pipe w/ Bowl & Banger Hemper in house designers messed around in November 2020 and dropped our most futuristic glass piece yet! Did we mention it also glows in the dark? Remember, science is the poetry of reality!...
Sold Out
8" Glass Arm Tree Perculator Water Pipe - Clear Glass
8" Glass Arm Tree Peculator Water Pipe, 18mm male joints 8 inch high 4 inch diameter 11 arm tree peculators heavy based, clear color weight approx 400g bowl and nail inclued
Sold Out
8" Glass Big M Water Pipe,
8" Glass Big M Water Pipe,Size 14mm Male,Brown Color mouthpiece and downstem, unique Glass drink cup style. with BIg M designs,includes 14mm glass nails, and slide bowl,
Sold Out
8" Glass on glass bubbler pipe
8" red spinning glass on glass pipe 14mm male joints,a glass bowl and nail are included.
$29.00 $19.95
Sold Out
8" Light Green Recycler Glass Dabbing Bong
8" Light Green Recycler Glass Dabbing Bong 14mm joints built with unique shower head percolator banger included, weight approx 240g  
Sold Out
9" cofffee shop glass cup water pipe
High: 9 inches Bowl : for oil use joint size : 14mm size,   9"  cofffee shop glass cup water pipe, Glass nail, glass bowl included, frosty top with green straw , just like the real thing,
Sold Out
9" Circular Recycler Honeycomb Filter Faberge Egg Matrix Perc Water Pipe - Black
9" Circular Recycler Honeycomb Filter Faberge Egg Matrix Perc Water Pipe 9" high 14.4 male joints Matrix percs Honeycomb filter Faberge Egg percs Bent Neck Clear Body Heavy Base banger included
$45.95 $35.95
Sold Out
9" Inline Perc Recycler Oil glass water pipe
9 inch double recycler glass oil rigs with green base. recycler design Inline percs Bent Neck Heavy Base joint size 14.4mm male, thickness 4.5mm Bowl & Nail included.
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