10" Glass Clear Tornado Glass Bong Water Pipe
10" Glass Clear Tornado Glass Bong Pipe 18mm joints,unique tornado peculator design glass bowl inlcude.approx 3mm thicknessweight about 400g
10" Glass Water Pipe with Honeycomb Filter
High: approx 10 inches Bowl: for dry herb use weight : 516g joint size : 14mm color : clear/blue Filter; honeycomb and.
$65.99 $37.99
11" Glass Beaker Water Bong Pipe
High: 11 inches Color: clear/blues Joint size : 14mm joints Bowl : for dry herb use Perc: showerhead perc weight : 418g   this is great bong for beginner use.
$42.99 $32.99
12" Ooze Color Beaker Glass Bong by Maverick Glass
Standing at 12'' tall, it features a 18.8mm to 14mm removable diffused downstem, an ice pinch for extra cooling and a 14mm male bowl. This highly functional bong will be sure to please and may quickly become your daily driver whether...
7" Pink Glass animal water Pipe - Pink
High: approx 7 inches joint size : 14mm Color: pink this is small glass pink water pipe black paws, very cute
$49.95 $37.99
8" Straight Glass Water Pipe
Size : 8 inches Color: clear body/ mix ringmouth joint size : 18mm size Style : straight glass pipe Bowl: for dry herb use Free Discreet Shipping Send out assorted color, unit 1/pc  
8.7" Clear Straight Base w- Fixed Downstem Water Pipe by Helix™
The Helix™ Straight-Based Water Pipe is 8.75" tall and made on 60mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent breakage. Its Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three air intake holes that cool...
9" Pink Glass Water Pipe Bong - Pink
high: 9 inches weight : 395g bowl : for dry herb use Filter; Small showerhead perc Joint size : 14mm joints Thickness : 4mm Color: pink   this is very pinkisy girly glass water pipe design in mushroom shapes,  
$45.99 $37.99
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10" Green Round Base Glass Bong
10" Green Round Base Glass Bong Style :Showerhead High: 10 inches Color: Greens Joint size : 14mm  
Sold Out
10" Green Water Pipe Bong
Very special design with milky white color neck and green ring mouthpiece ring, approx 10 inch tall, 14mm size joints, green color middle perc. bowl not included.
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10" Vortex Glass Water Dabbing Rig
high: 10 inches Color: Clear Bowl: banger for dabbing Designs: super vortex Percs: showerhead perc Joint size : 14mm joints This is 10 inch high super vortex cool air circulation system glass water dabbing rig.it also have built in showerhead...
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11" Man Eating Flower Glass Water pipe
11" Green Color Man eating flower glass water pipeunique wave base with red flower and huge shark teeths.weight about 589g14.4mm female jointsglass bowl included. *This item require special order it may take up to 6-12 business day to deliver.
Sold Out
11" Straight Glass Water Bong Pipe
High: 11 inches Weight : 500g Style : straight Bongs Color : light Blues Bowl : for dry herb use Joint size : 14mm   Unique Sunflower  design on the body, with blue and clear color very pretty,    
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11" Straight Glass Water Bong Pipe
Joint size: 18mm Body Style: Straight Color: Clear Bowl : for oil use Perc: Arm trees This is two layer, water pipe with alot of arm tree, create better airflow.  
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14" Fatboy Glass Straight Water Bong Pipe
High : 14 inches Color : clear Style : straight Bong Percs: Cage Perc, Honeycomb Perc, and Ice Pinch Joint size : 18mm Weight : 650g Bowl: for dry herb use   This is all in one piece with more...
Sold Out
14" Straight Glass Water Bong
High : 14 inches Joint size : 18mm Weight: 840g Base Diameter : 3.9 inche Perc : matrix Perc Bowl : use for dry herb   Unique Design with top and bottom green color, and Clear glass Matrix Peculator very...
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20" Straight Ice Catcher Glass Water Bong - Blue
High: 20 inches Color : blue/yellow/green Joint size : 14mm Bowl : for dry herb use Style : straight glass pipe Base Diameter : 50mm   This is very pretty multi percolator glass water pipe,  very nice piece with colorful...
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6" Clear Simple Glass Round Pipe
High : 6 inches Joint size : 14mm Style : Round Base Pipe Color : Clear weight : 130g Material : borosilicate Glass     Keyword: SImple Glass Bong, SImple Beaker Pipe, Simple roundbase pipe, simple bongs, simple glass bongs,
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6" Electorify Glass Oil Rig Pipe
High : 6 inches Bowl : banger Color : clear/rainbow shinning Weight : 300g Joint size : 14mm
$65.99 $45.99
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7.5" GRAV® Martini Shaker
Want the perfect blend of silky smooth and heady hits? Mix them up in the GRAV Martini Shaker. A simple, fixed fission downstem leaves room for plenty of water, ice chips, and bubbles. Chug it or sip it, this piece packs...
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8" Boba Tea glass cup glass water pipe
High: 8 inch Style : Boba Tea Cup Style Color: White/Black lines Bowl: for dry herb use  
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8" Color Top mini Beaker Bong by Maverick Glass
-8 inches tall Mini Beaker Glass Water Pipe-Ice pinch-18.8mm downstem included-14mm bowl included-MAV logoMade in USA
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8" Holographic Rainbow Pineapple Glass Pipe - Amber
High: 8 inches weight: approx 400g Joint size : 14mm Color : Clear/Amber Bowl: for dry herb use Style : Pineapple shape Design The 8 inches Holographic Rainbow Pineapple Glass Pipe built with Inline diffuse Peculator
$45.99 $39.95
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8"Small, Clear Beaker Base Water Pipe by Grav Lab
When it's time to conduct your ultra important experiments in greenery, only the GRAV® Small Beaker will do. The beautiful clear glass allows you to see all the inner workings of your lab project. This water pipe includes a fission...
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9.5" Waxmaid 9.3 inches CAN shape glass Water Pipe
Double percolator water pipe - Dual percolator design helps the smoke to circulate through the main chamber several times, cooling it down before inhaling into the lungs. It helps to perk your cloud cleaner, providing consistently excellent hits. 4 N...
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Sandglas Gravity Smoking Hookah Portable Vaporizer Bong Kit Water Pipe
The Gravity Hookah water pipe is very unique. This water pipe made of glass can rotate 360º and move dynamically through the interaction of the water circulation to counter the airflow and gravity, thereby producing a constant and cool flue...
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