4.5"Silicone Elephant Hand Pipe
4.5"Silicone Elephant Hand Pipeunit  one per order,ship out mix colors.Made with food grade sillicone
Long Nose Elephant Glass Pipe
handmade unique designs, approx size big :6.5-7 inch Small size : 4-4.5 inches they all clear glass , weight about 60-140g this is very unique design by RapterGlass brand, you wont find this anywhere. unit each
from $13.99
4.5" RaptorGlass Pink Dolphin Glass Hand Pipe
Beautiful Pink body with blue fine weight approx 50g size about 4-4.5" 4.5" RaptorGlass Pink Dolphin Glass Hand Pipe.
4" RaptorGlass Glass Firtz Elephant Pipe
they are handmade pipes unique mistake there is no leg for them they are about 4- 4.5 inch long weight from 50-60g light green color,    
8" Dinosaurs Animal Glass Hand Pipe
8" Dinosaurs Glass Hand Pipe unique design with blue and white strips. very detail on the tooth. approx weight about 151g, Unique Blue Dinosaurs animal glass hand pipe design.
4.5 " Squid glass hand pipe
Beautiful 4.5 " Squid glass hand pipe, made with high quality glass, weight about 6oz,
3.5" Glass elephant Pipe mix color
3.5" Glass  elephant Pipe mix color weight about 50g unit each
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6" Scorpion Glass Animal Hand Pipe
6" Black Scorpion design high quality glass animal hand pipe, this scorpion have stinger face front. two red eyes with 8 legs just like real scorpions. weight about 90g,
$42.95 $29.99
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4.5" Blue Monkey Holding Stash glass hand pipe
Blue Monkey Hand pipe, monkey is holding the glass bowl. the tail work as mouthpiece, high quality made very unique designs. size 4.5 inch weight 110g, 
$35.99 $28.95
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8" B-W Unique Unicorn Ceramic Water Pipe
Approx 8 inch Tall White Glazed Ceramic Construction Threaded Metal Bowl Threaded Metal Downstem Downstem Rubber SealHamdmade pipe
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9" Dragon's Claw Glass Pipe
Borosilicate glass pipe made to resemble a dragon's claw. Features a built-in stand and fumed glass accents. weight about 15oz,
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7" Paul Alien Glass pipes glass smoking pipes glass water pipes
Creative Alien Design Glass Pipes weight 30g, about 7 " high. very high quality glass tobacco pipe
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2" gold fume X mini elephant glass pipe
2 " high about 3inch length,  gold fume X mini elephant glass pipe,
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3.5" heavy frit elephant glass pipe assorted color.
3.5" heavy frit elephant glass pipe assorted color. weight about 150g unit each
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frosted elephant
Frosted Elephant Glass Pipe, about ,4x4" high
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