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04 Nov How to choose torch lighter?
rain 239 1912
How to choose a torch lighter for you glass pipes ? First try get the brand with better reputation,  the brand like Zippo, Bic lighter, Tiger Lighter, Hoarest Lighter, Zico lighter, Rikang Torch, Sor..
06 Sep Why use ashcatcher?
rain 43 1483
First without the ashcatcher, you will be inhale alot dirt in your mouth, and you will be cough alot, So how do you prevent  smoking and not cough ? Take a joint for instance. If the joint is rolled ..
07 Nov How choose between Glass hammer pipe vs bubbler pipe
rain 42 1691
How choose between Glass hammer pipe vs bubbler pipe First what is Glass Hammer pipe by all mean a glass hammer pipe just like the hammer we found in the tool box, glass bowl in the front with down s..
03 Jun Metal Pipe
rain 4 2236
So i bought this item earlier this week, i opened it and there were no screens with the pipe. But there was one in thenpipe already. Also there was a hex screw and not a regular Philips. And a couple ..
08 Oct How To Correctly Use a Glass Pipe
rain 1 1632
How To Correctly Use a Glass Pipe If you smoke marijuana or weed, there is an obvious chance that you must have at least attempted to try all the different forms of pipe which are available in the ma..
19 Jul Differences between Bats, Dugouts, and Chillums
rain 1 2660
Bat also calls onehitter,1hitter,  onebat, its a straight tube made a slender tobacco pipe with screend narrow bowl designed on the end. can be referred to as a one-hitter as well. pretty simple des..
19 Feb are weed good for elderly ?
rain 1 408
I’m not sure I even follow the question. Could be the work of devil weed zapping my intellect. But what exactly would you be worried about? Perhaps you are worried that you may be missing out on ..
29 May Top 5 Benefits of Smoking Glass Pipe
rain 1 1024
Usually selecting for the smoking pipe is very necessary because people will choose the best option. Most of the people consider glass pipe the best option because the glass pipe belongs to the classi..
10 Jun The Five Ws about Nos Cracker
rain 1 2732
     So, what is the Nos cracker? Why are people so addicted to it? First things first, let’s have a common ground that people are addicted to the N20 or nitrous oxide in the nos cracker.   Differ t..
18 Aug Best way to remove residue out glass pipe
rain 1 1178
The absolute best Way to Clean resin out of a glass pipe is described below. This is based on having the same experience you’re asking about. Let me list the steps to take so you can get your glass c..
06 Mar How to use water dog oil burner pipe
rain 0 5948
Waterdog oil pipes it been around for almost 10 years, there alot and alot people wonder how to use it, and I for one too, after tons google and research i found there is not clear idea how to use it ..
17 Mar How to use zeppelin pipe
rain 0 2753
Zeppelin pipe or Torpedo Pipe, it is a pipe designed to smoke with out flames,  it to elimitate the fire when you can still smoking it , and never get caught on fire or people,  Most common see is the..
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