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05 Nov weed or cigarette which is worse?
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Tobacco smoking could be a common health blight. Smokers crave the chemical toxin however you'll be able to currently use a vaporizer to urge that heart kick. i do not understand if that's a safer so..
12 Nov Whats Difference between Weed and Hash ?
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when you smoke weed, you are obtaining the tetrahydrocannabinol, and every one of these delicious cannabinoids. But, you are solely visiting go to date together with your buds. there is solely most te..
16 Nov Vape pen instructions
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First Charge the Pen Most the Vape pen come with little battery, but for safe,you should recharge it in full, The second you get it home, use the manufacturer-supplied charging apparatus to start ref..
02 Dec What is a dry herb vaporizer?
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Most the Vaporizer can be use all sort of things, the only differenece is the atmoizer or the tank, by swiching the tank will alow you use oil with coil and heatplate with dry herb and other thin..
01 Jan Hemp may be legal in Texas on 2019
rain 0 1259
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is urging Congress to legalize industrial hemp. The effort is one of the many provisions contained within the U.S. Farm Bill, and Miller believes it could gr..
01 Jan Should you smoke Weed ? THC
rain 0 417
If you are crowd sourcing an answer, then the answer is probably NO. Why? You seem to be uncertain - While marijuana is one the least potent drugs around, it can cause impairment, the loss of a jo..
07 Jan Can cannabis be used to treat depression?
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Using marijuana affects your brain in a complex process and changes the functions of your body and brain over a period of time. This also shows why marijuana is used in medical purposes and associated..
11 Jan Weed Differences from 60s 70s and today
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in 1972. An ounce was $10 to $15. If you wanted a smaller amount you could get a matchbox for $5. Most folks called an ounce a lid because if you didn’t have scales you could approximate by covering a..
11 Jan How do I quit weed?
rain 0 550
Firstly It’s a fairly popular notion that “marijuana is not addictive”. You probably believed this yourself for a very long time but now maybe you’re starting to think otherwise. Here’s some va..
14 Jan can you became Stupider after smoking weed
rain 0 443
 assume you mean chronic, regular use of large quantities of marijuana. if so, the answer is *kind of* no, but there’s a big asterisk and ifs and buts involved. here’s what most certainly can and does..
14 Jan Can weed help you loose weight ?
rain 0 406
Cannabis. It is one of the most discussed drugs in the range. According to some life-threatening, according to others again completely harmless. Professor Wayne Hall wants now after 20 years of resear..
17 Jan Did Jesus use Cannabis ?
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The evidence available indicates that Jesus used cannabis. Here is what Professor of Classical Mythology at Boston University Carl Ruck, has written: "Cannabis is called kaneh bosem in Hebrew, which..
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