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17 Jan benefits for using cannabis
rain 0 343
Positive Effects of Cannabis: Short term: Relaxation: One of the most well known and immediate effects of marijuana is relaxation. The moment you breathe in cannabis vapor , a flood of plant-..
20 Jan How much Cannabis is too much marijuana?
rain 0 432
Dabs are too much marijuana. If you don't know what a dab is, you'll find out soon enough if you try one, because you'll quickly be too high to talk or function anymore as a regular human being. In ..
20 Jan Can smoking marijuana shortern you life ?
rain 0 373
That depends entirely on who you define as a typical user. Since mankind has documented for several thousand years the use of marijuanna across a wide range of products and for a wide range of reasons..
21 Jan is methamphetamine and Adderall same ?
rain 0 567
ALot people did not know the differences betwem it, but they are very similar. In fact, many kids like myself got hooked on Adderall in college and ended up graduating to meth because Adderall was t..
25 Jan How do you feels for smoking DMT
rain 0 682
DMT experience is different for each person. Rather than post my personal experience with DMT in detail, I'll explain more generally what it's like. This is what I would say to someone interested in..
29 Jan Dabbing ?
rain 0 739
a dab is a concentrated form of THC that is extracted from cannabis flower using some type of solvent, such as butane or CO2, as well as newer methods that don’t involve solvents like rosin and ice-wa..
31 Jan can weed reduce  muscle mass?
rain 0 504
Basically, upon smoking weed, one gets hungry and body starts to crave for sugar (glucose); which could be in any forms: carbs, fats, and protein. Weed increases stomach gastric juice, peristalsis mov..
04 Feb How to correctly smoke a tobacco pipe?
rain 0 625
If you are new to smoke pipe than it is really important to learn the way one should smoke. It is one of the most important thing to enjoy. Here are some of the steps that one can follow to get best..
18 Feb Do you think weed is overrated?
rain 0 478
Weed is vastly overrated as a recreational drug. People who have to get high recreationally usually have shallow, unfulfilling lives who generally get high to mask their problems instead of deali..
19 Feb are weed good for elderly ?
rain 0 520
I’m not sure I even follow the question. Could be the work of devil weed zapping my intellect. But what exactly would you be worried about? Perhaps you are worried that you may be missing out on ..
30 May 5 Major type glass pipe for smoking
rain 0 1070
Type of Glass Pipes for Smoking Cannabis Pipes are manufactured by using a variety of materials like glass, corn cob, wood, metal for smoking. A glass pipe is one of the most popular things to take c..
05 Jun Is bong healthier than cigarettes?
rain 0 1406
Is bong healthier than cigarettes?            The word “Bong” is derived from a Thai word that is “Baung”. It refers to a wooden round tube of bamboo but in the modern days it is also known as a cyli..
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