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17 Jun Click N vape Best Dry herb Pen
rain 0 1318
Need to Hit Your Favorite Herbs? Click N Vape Can Be Your Best Companion           If you are an avid herbs smokes lover, you are probably seeking the best vapers out there. It is embracing that ther..
03 Jul Which healthier  Smoking with Water pipe vs without Glass water pipe
rain 0 1254
Which healthier  Smoking with Water pipe vs without Glass water pipe. The filtering effect water pipes have on tobacco, and other legal substances make them somewhat healthier. Here are just a few ..
04 Jul Does DMT open your third Eye ?
rain 0 1861
Interview with randome people who for the same question , Does DMT open your third eye. First do you believe we have a third eye, and in time it was gone. DMT =It has an direct effect upon Seroton..
08 Jul Does weed make your smarter ?
rain 0 761
Personally i don't think smoking marihuana can make one smarter, but it can make the user very creative. It can also get your brain in a frenzy of non-stop thinking. I, being a smoker myself, enjoy ..
19 Jul Is Christians ok to smoke weed?
rain 0 763
The answer is can In the bible, according to Matthew chapter 23 1 Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: 2 “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 S..
25 Jul THC or CBD for Pain relief ?
rain 0 735
First of all, it’s important to understand how exactly does CBD works for pain, before deciding on a specific form of a substance and whether to combine it with THC or not. According to the U.S. Depa..
28 Jul The Major types of vaporizers
rain 0 1380
There are lots of different types of vaporizers with new ones being created regularly. Generally they can be divided into 3 main varieties based on their functions. Dry herb vapes- these are desig..
18 Aug Best way to remove residue out glass pipe
rain 0 1357
The absolute best Way to Clean resin out of a glass pipe is described below. This is based on having the same experience you’re asking about. Let me list the steps to take so you can get your glass c..
21 Aug Quartz vs Glass Bangers
rain 0 1311
     To be simple, if you try to bite both quartz and glass banger, the quartz banger will feel like stone, harder, and glass will feel differently, quarter are much harder stronger, can stand for he..
25 Aug borosilicate glass and pyrex glass
rain 0 888
borosilicate glass is general type of glass have high resists on chemicals and acid degradation      Pyrex is just a brand name. there many borosilicate glass use it by other names. Pyrex was traditi..
29 Aug Smoking vape with Water filter ?
rain 0 735
Vape with Water is very dangerous and Do not recommend, vape with water will burn up so much stems, there not much better taste, and it will burn you mouth badly. most time water is occasionally..
02 Sep Silicone pipe vs glass pipe
rain 0 991
In now days maybe one in every of the foremost “smoker-friendly” trends to hit the market recently is that the rush of silicone smoking devices. With the recent announcement of growth, Simple Glass Pi..
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