Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector  and Honey Straws and Glass Straws are all a type of vertical dabber. they are most easy use and less parts, most the time you see is made of two parts, glass mouthpiece or silicone , and a ceramic heat tube, or titanium heat tube, is most popular dabbing use in now days.

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10mm ceramic tip for nectar collector New

10mm ceramic tip for nectar collector

10mm ceramic tip for Nectar Collector  and Honey Strawshigh quality ceramic nails tips.unit eac..


8" Honey Badger Honey Straw

Made to withstand temperatures of 1,510 °F Handcrafted from Boro..


Micro Nectar Collector kit

Nectar Collector ,The Most Popular and easier way to dabbing* The Honey Straw Nectar Collector is th..


Mini Silicone Nectar Collector Kit 14mm

Silicone Nectar Collector with Stainless Steel Tip2. The set contains a Stainless Steel Tip;3. All t..


Nectar Collector 2.0 kits 14mm joints

Nectar collector kit contains: This is best tool for dabbing smoking, portable and easy to carry...


Nectar Collector Straight Tube Dab Straw 2 - 3 Days

Nectar Collector Straight Tube Dab Straw

Height:12cm=4.7inchNet weight:19gMay have 1cm error in actual measurement..