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Understand the different Glass Bowl

Understand the different Glass Bowl

As today there is many people are confuse the bowls, banger, carb, enail, or whats sort the accessories they calls, they may be expert on how to use the tool, but did they use it...
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How to clean your bubbler Pipe

How to clean your bubbler Pipe

A Glass bubbler pipe not like spoon or bong, they are bit tricky to clean.I mean once while you have to stop use it and clean it right, other wise the left over residue slow...
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What are Fumed and dichroic glass pipes?

What are Fumed and dichroic glass pipes?

First Fumed and Dichroic are both referring to the process in making the Glass Hand Pipes.     Fumed glass are invent by some hard head Around 1990 Bob Snodgrass,  fumed glass was a result of...
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Customer Reviews

So cute

I’d just like to start off by saying thank you guys for being considerate of the item and making sure it was shipped safely. That’s really appreciated!! Second, I am extremely impressed with how nice the piece is. I bought it for my gf and she’s going to love it.

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019

Absolutely the best investment ever!

If you are a connoisseur like myself and demand the best, this is the piece for you. This burner is large and very heavy. The quartz is very thick. This item is very very durable. I read the reviews before I purchased it. In the review below, Dawson said they had owned the pipe for years. I wondered how that was even possible. When my package arrived, I saw why this thing will last for years. It is also very beautiful and well crafted. It's just plain nice to look at. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get your technique down, this piece will flash vaporize your oil without scorching it whatsoever. Two cheap pipes from the gas station cost more than this one. Do yourself a favor and buy one now and thank me later!

Feb 25, 2023


This is awesome gas mask pipe, and it glows , so freaking cool, Super Fast Shipping.

Apr 04, 2019

Very nice

I really love the way the hello kitty ???? sits right behind the pipe goes through. I'm really looking forward to seeing this in person if I'm able to get it.
Leah Phillips

Nov 22, 2020

Good for the price

Okay, this thing is my now go to. Packs a punch. Literally dont use anything else. I ordered 2. 1 of them came in broken and they replaced it with no hassle. Had replacement in 2 days. Small enough to carry it around. I keep it in a cigarette pack holder if that tells you anything. Just pour the water out and put it up and carry around my water bottle in my backpack. Only need about an inch of water in it at a time. (Propel water bottles fit right in the hole for you to put water in on the go. Just fyi lol) Only con is because it is small, you have to tilt it forward or you get a nice splash of the water in your mouth. As long as you dont put in too much water and tilt it, its perfect. Just now starting to use the second 1 and ive had the other for 2 months. Buying again right now!!

Oct 09, 2021

6‘ Quartz Glass OIl Burner Pipe

Best design and material for what it's for.
Jerry West

Mar 13, 2023

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