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This is a well made pipe. It's extremely durable and heavy but not too heavy. While everyone's experience will be different, I unfortunately dropped this pipe on a concrete floor from roughly 3ft and was thoroughly surprised when I went to pick it up that it was in one pice. I've never seen a glass pipe survive that kind of drop and have no visual damage on it. I've been using it since then and still no problems with it like you might expect such as stress fractures. This is a thick pipe so a torch is recommended but a butane soft flame or a bic will do just expect to use the whole bic per every session.
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Absolutely the best investment ever!
If you are a connoisseur like myself and demand the best, this is the piece for you. This burner is large and very heavy. The quartz is very thick. This item is very very durable. I read the reviews before I purchased it. In the review below, Dawson said they had owned the pipe for years. I wondered how that was even possible. When my package arrived, I saw why this thing will last for years. It is also very beautiful and well crafted. It's just plain nice to look at. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get your technique down, this piece will flash vaporize your oil without scorching it whatsoever. Two cheap pipes from the gas station cost more than this one. Do yourself a favor and buy one now and thank me later!
Wednesday,Feb, 26, 2022
came quicker than expected and just as described. i love the size. very happy with my purchase! sanrio lovers unite <3
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
First purchase
I just had my first purchase 100% completed today when I opened the cardboard box from my mailbox today. All my oil burners were wrapped in bubble wrap and as well the box was stuffed with newspaper. Shipping was so quick and easy! I was notified constantly throughout the entire shipping process of whereabouts my order was. I am completely satisfied with my purchase!
Kendra Krell
Wednesday, Mar 6, 2023
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Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019