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Does DMT open your third Eye ?

11 Jun 2023

Interview with randome people who for the same question , Does DMT open your third eye.

First do you believe we have a third eye, and in time it was gone.


DMT =It has an direct effect upon Serotonin and the Pineal gland; the so called Third Eye of Lord Shiva!

As you look above you, you shall see a galactic portal open up and you shall conceive that the entire Universe is teeming with Highly intelligent life! As these Alien beings try to contact you you shall perceive the strangest kaleidoscopic Alien fractals and this will signal that they are trying to contact you.

Also Some says using DMT can be an eye opening experience and a sort of truth serum and can be very enlightening but the third eye is just a metaphor and all it means is that you see reality clearly or that you begin to understand the nature of living.  DMT has been use in many medical situations and has worked dramatically on those that have tried it. YOU don't turn into a guru overnight though.


We do not have a Third Eye, neither does it grow by any practice. Our sensing, that supplies external data to the thinking instruments to keep us aware of our environment, is actually a chain of sensors that create & carry the data. The chain corresponds with the general plan of multi-layered bodies (physical-astral-causal) in turn belonging to the same nature of gross to subtle.

For example, seeing. The two natural eyes are the grossest end of the chain and contain nothing more that lenses to which a variety of data carrier channels are attached. The images captured by these eyes are converted by the inner “eyes” into symbols and signals and carried into the brain to figure out. The arriving signals also draw from brain’s memory banks any closely resembling stored/ known signals to help the identification. The brain makes it the subtlest data by churning it until some inference is drawn. That’s when we see what is seen by the two physical eyes!

When we develop the inner eyes to act on their own as the receptors of images/ signals without the physical eyes either by making them the primary receptors or by intelligently processing data from other four senses, the two natural eyes are rendered redundant. This ability has been metaphorically described as ‘the opening of the third eye’ (and crudely shown as similar eye developing in the center of the forehead.)

This is not a rocket science. Today there are any number of similar abilities. New cars can “see” if they are too close to other cars/ objects through proximity sensors. And this is only one of the thousand parallels for the eyes and each other sensors.

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