10" Beaker Straight Neck Glass Bong with ice Pinch
High : 10 inches Weight: approx 450g Joint size : 18mm stem 14mm bowl Color : Clear Function : Ice Pinch/ice catcher Bowl : dry herb use This is most basic water pipe, to fit you every day use. affordable...
$29.95 $26.95
Glowing in Dark Gas Mask Bong Pipe
Both the mask and bong can glow in the dark! * Silicone rubber gas mask and acrylic water hookah bong * Mask and hookah can be used seperately * Medium size fits for all people, mask belt can be adjusted...
$49.99 $35.95
8" Clear Glass Water Pipe Bong with Ice Pinch - Green
High: 8 inches Style : Beaker Bong Glass thickness : 4mm thickness base diameter 3.5inch Function : ice catcher, for smooth cold inhale. Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm bowl Color : clear color with blue or green mouthring...
11" Glass 3 layer Honeycomb Perc with Ice Pinch Water pipe - Amber
High: 11inches Joint Size : 18mm male jointStyle : Straight BongBody: Straight NeckPerc :3x honeycomb Layer with ice catcher/ice pinch Color : clear body with blues Bowl : for dry herb use. Available color : blue Amber, Green This is...
$39.95 $35.99
9" Recycler Dab Rig Smoking Water Pipes Bong
High: 9 inches Joint size: 14mm Color : Black/Grayish Weight : 250g Bowl : for oil use Style : Recycler Design Perc : small Showerhead Perc   This is basic dabbing pipe for your everyday use with little designs add...
$59.95 $42.95
4.5" Green Silicone Water Pipe with Glass Percs - Green
High : 4.5 inches Color: Green Joint size :14.mm joints Bowl : quartz Banger Material : Silicone & Glass 4mm clear high quality quartz banger. glass body with moveable showerhead percolator, they are very easy to take apart to clean....
10" Tree Glow In The Dark Glass Water Pipe Bong
Tree of life Glow in dark glass water pipe 18.8mm female joints. high Height: 25cm=9.8" Thickness: 5mmBase Diameter: 10.5cmNet Weight: 0.4kg included glass down stem and bowl,
10" Pink Kitty Straight Neck Thick Glass Water Pipe
High: 10 inches Glass: thickness 3mm Color :Pink Kitty Water pipe Joint size :18mm Stem with 14mmbowl Shape : Straight Body Style : Ice Pinch Bong Bowl : for dry herb use   This is very pretty Pink straight glass...
$45.99 $32.95
10" JellyFish Beaker Glow In The Dark Glass Water Pipe Bong
High: 10 inches Joint size : 18mm Stem with 14mm bowl Color : Clear Style : Beaker Bong Function : Glowing in Dark Perc : Ice catcher/ ice Pinch Design : Jellyfish around the base and body Weight : 350g...
$49.95 $35.95
14" Glass Straight Honeycomb ball Glass Water Bong Pipe
High: 14 inches Style : straight Bong Glass thickness: approx 3mm Joint size : 14mm Bowl : for dry herb use Color: clear body with yellows Perc: Round shape honeycomb perc This is quality piece with simple function, if you...
$69.96 $45.99
9" Matric Percualter Glass Water Pipe - Pink
Style : Matrix Perc pipe Weight : weight approx 420g, Thickness: 5mm thickness glass, Joint Size: 14mm joints Color: Pink Color 9" Matrix Peculator Glass Water Pipe, This  Pinkish Color water pipe is best gift for you girlfriend.
$49.95 from $39.95
4" Mini Glass Water Pipe Dabbing Rig - Blue
High: 4 inches Joint size : 14mm joints Bowl : clear 3mm thickness  banger  Thickness : 3mm Perc: Small Shower head Percolator filter weight approx : 250g   This is very unique piece, easy to carry and easy to use,...
12" 9mm Super Heavy Glass Beaker Bongs with Ice Pinch
High: 12 inches Glass Thickness : 9mm Style : Beaker Bong Joint size : 18mm downstem,14mm bowl Color : Clear Weight : 1200g Bowl : for dry herb use Perc/filter: ice catcher/pinch Base diameter:4.8 inches   This is high quality...
$99.95 $59.99
6" Pink Glass Water Pipe Bong with Inline RIg - Pink
6" Pink Glass Water Pipe with Inline 14mm Joint size weight approx 260g Base Diameter approx 2.5" Approx Thickness 5mm Banger Included keyboard: girly bongs, pink bongs, pink water pipes, girls water pipe,
8" Gradient Glass Water Pipe Bong with Inc Pinch - CLOSE Out
8" Gradient Glass Water Pipe Bong with Inc Pinch  - CLOSE Out8" inch tall14mm jointsBeaker Basebowl and downstem inlcuded.Because this is close out item ship out mix colors, so you will get random color pipe
$29.99 $19.99
8" Tornado Recycler Dab Rig Glass Water Pipe
High: 8 inches Glass Thickness :3mm Base Diameter : 9cm Function: Tornado flow Design Weight approx : 300g Joint Size: 14mm joints Bowl :  for dry herb use Style : Recycler Bong with mini flat shower head.   This affordable...
$54.95 $37.95
8.5" Heavy Straight Glass Water Pipe with Matrix Perc - Black
High: 8.5 Inches weight : approx 330g Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm bowl Style : Can Base Perc: Matrox Perc Bowl: fitting for dry herb use. This pipe are design with black ring on the top mouthpiece and...
$59.95 $39.95
13.5" Beaker Glass Water Pipe - Green
With its solid coloring and platinum decals, the 13" Full Color Beaker Bong has a very sleek look. Down the neck of the pipe, up towards the flared mouthpiece of the bong, is a Nucleus logo in a shiny but...
$79.95 $49.95
10" Glowing in Dark Pink Flower Glass Water Bong Pipe - Pink
High: 10 inches Style : Beaker Bongs Color : Pink Function: Ice Catcher Joint size : 18mm stem 14mm bowl This Pipe is Glowing in Dark Pipe, design with pretty lily flower and dots, clear glass in the center to...
$59.95 $36.95
9" Super Vortex Glass Bong Recycler Water Pipe
High: 9 inches Joint Size : 14mm Joints, weight:  approx. 540g . Thickness: 4mm Color : Clear Style : Cyclone Recycler  This is very complex glass water pipe, it special built by twisting glass tubes.   come with matching color glass...
$99.99 $79.95
9" Glass Recycler Water Pipe with Matrix Percolator - Clear Glass
High : 9 inches Weight : approx 340g Joint size : 14mm Joints Color : Clear Style : Feb egg / Recycler Perc : Matrix Shower-head percolator Bowl : Dry herb use   This is most baisc Feb egg Showerhead...
from $45.99
9"Vortex Dab Rig New Recycler Oil Rigs Wax Water Bong Pipe
Style: Recycler Bong Percolator : Vortex Design High: 10 inch Weights: 200g Joint size: 14mm Special Hand Design Recycler Glass Bong, with Amber Mouthpiece mix with Blue and Green Glass Pipe.  
$59.95 $38.95
10" Spider Glow In The Dark Glass Water Pipe Bong
Spider Glow in Dark glass water Bong pipe 18.8mm female joints. high Height: 10 inches Thickness: 5mm Beaker: BaseBase Diameter: 10.5cmNet Weight: 400g included glass down stem and bowl, Very Cool Design, Glowing Spider the beaker base and Body.
$58.95 $35.95
6 " Mini Glass Dab Rig
High: 6 inches Joint size : 14mm Color : clear Bowl : for oil use Style : dabbing rig   this is very simple use dab rig for most beginner, compact and friendly,
6" Color Water Pipe with Showerhead Percs
High : 6 inches Style Showerhead Perc Pipe Color : Stripe Yellow Blue Size : joint size 14.4mm unique black ring on mouthpiece base diameter : 3 inch This is unique Small Glass Water Bubbler or Bong Pipe with Showerhead...
$35.95 $24.95
9" Tree Design Glowing in Dark Glass Water Pipe Bong
Style : Beaker Base Bong High : 9 inches Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm joint bowl. weight : approx 400g Color : Blue beaker base with clear neck Bowl : for dry herb use Perc : 4 arm...
$72.00 $34.95
13" Silicone & Glass Water Pipe with Percs
High : 13 inches weight: approx 495g Material : Made from food grade silicone Perc : small showerhead Perc for smooth inhale Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm bowl Bowl : for dry herb use Detachable body in three...
$49.95 $39.99
9" Matrix Percs Glass Water Pipe
9" Matrix Percs Glass Water Pipe weight 380g Highness 9" Matrix Percs Clear color Bent Neck bowl include heavy base
9" Glass Water Pipe Bong
High: 9 inches thickness: 5mm joint size: 14mm Color : Blue glass bowl included. This two color heavy duty high quality glass water Pipe with blue inner glass designs.
10" Spring Coil Straight Neck Glass Water Bong Pipe
10" Spring  Coil Straight Neck Glass Water Bong Pipe18mm jointsdownstem and bowl inlcudedit may take apart for cleaningweight approx 480gthickness 3mm
7" Green & Pink Design Glass Water Pipe
High: 7 inches joint size : 14mm weight : approx 220g Bowl : for dry herb use Color : Clear/Green/Pink   The pipe has built in downstem, so its easier to use with just one bowl, it design with pink...
12" Blue Glass pipe with ice pinch and percs
Style : Straight Glass Pipe Approx Height: 12 inches Thickness: 5 mm Base diameter: 3.2 inches Function: 3 prong ice pinch Perc 1: 8 arms perc Perc 2: honeycomb perc Joint Size: 18.8 mm This is very durable glass water...
$79.95 $42.95
10" Bees Glass Water Bong Pipe - Yellow
High : 10 inches Glass Thickness : 3mm glass Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm bowl Bowl : for dry herb use Function : ice catcher/ice pinch Style : beaker shape bong Weight : approx 350g   hand made...
12" 7 mm Thick Glass Beaker Glass Bong
Design: Holographic RainbowHeight: 12 inchesThickness : 9MM Glass Style : ice Pinch Bong Beaker Base diameter: 4.8 inches Bowl: for dry herb use Joint size : 18mm Downstem & 14mm Bowl Weight: approx 800g Downstem and Glass Bowl included. This is...
$129.95 $42.95
12" 5mm Twisting Beaker Glass Bong
Style : ice Pinch Bong High: 12mm Glass Thickness : 5mm Bowl: for dry herb use Joint size : 18mm stem & 14mm bowl Weight : approx. 900kg This Glass Water Pipe are uniquely design with Holographic Rainbow at the...
$99.95 from $42.95
7.5" Green Glass Water Pipe Recycler
High : 7.5 inches Joint size : 14mm Glass Base Diameter 3 inches Style : Recycler pipe Color: Clear glass body with Greens, Bowl : for dry herb use   unique Rotatable Green piece at the bottom make it very...
$42.99 $39.95
12" Ooze Color Beaker Glass Bong by Maverick Glass
Standing at 12'' tall, it features a 18.8mm to 14mm removable diffused downstem, an ice pinch for extra cooling and a 14mm male bowl. This highly functional bong will be sure to please and may quickly become your daily driver whether...
7.5" GRAV® Martini Shaker
Want the perfect blend of silky smooth and heady hits? Mix them up in the GRAV Martini Shaker. A simple, fixed fission downstem leaves room for plenty of water, ice chips, and bubbles. Chug it or sip it, this piece packs...
8.7" Clear Straight Base w- Fixed Downstem Water Pipe by Helix™
The Helix™ Straight-Based Water Pipe is 8.75" tall and made on 60mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent breakage. Its Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three air intake holes that cool...
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