Write a rewivew and get chance to win $25 store credit !

Each qualified review earns an equal chance of winning.

The winning ratio will be determined by the total reviews received in the drawing period (each months).

The more you review, the better chance you get.


On the last day of Each months,

Two  winner of a $25 store gift card will be drawn and will be announced on this page.

That winner will also receive a congratulation email within 1 or 2 business days after drawing.


1, Winner $25 will give out as the format of store credit Only, you can buy anything from store,

2, the gift card will not and can not redeem for cash or any other type currency.

3, The store credit only available and accept in our website only.

4. the gift card can be transfer to other people.

5, Winner will received Email notification .

6, Winner must be registered customer to able to received store credit.


so stay tuned.


Thank you


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