10" Ice Pinch Pink Hello Kitty Glass Water Pipe
unique beaker based pink mouth, pink base, pink down stem, pink bowl   with Hello Kitty  picture The Pipe have 18mm female joints, and 18mm female slide the bowl is 14mm male bowl.  completed set. Perc: Ice pinch Style: Ice Bong...
$59.95 $47.99
11" Glass 3 layer Honeycomb Perc with Ice Pinch Water pipe - Blue
High: 11inches Joint Size : 18mm male jointStyle : Straight BongBody: Straight NeckPerc :3x honeycomb Layer with ice catcher/ice pinch Color : clear body with blues Bowl : for dry herb use. Available color : blue Amber, Green This is...
$39.95 $35.99
12" 5mm Twisting Beaker Glass Bong
Style : ice Pinch Bong High: 12mm Glass Thickness : 5mm Bowl: for dry herb use Joint size : 18mm stem & 14mm bowl Weight : approx. 900kg This Glass Water Pipe are uniquely design with Holographic Rainbow at the...
$99.95 from $42.95
12" 7 mm Thick Glass Beaker Glass Bong
Design: Holographic RainbowHeight: 12 inchesThickness : 9MM Glass Style : ice Pinch Bong Beaker Base diameter: 4.8 inches Bowl: for dry herb use Joint size : 18mm Downstem & 14mm Bowl Weight: approx 800g Downstem and Glass Bowl included. This is...
$129.95 $37.99
12" 9mm Super Heavy Glass Beaker Bongs with Ice Pinch
High: 12 inches Glass Thickness : 9mm Style : Beaker Bong Joint size : 18mm downstem,14mm bowl Color : Clear Weight : 1200g Bowl : for dry herb use Perc/filter: ice catcher/pinch Base diameter:4.8 inches   This is high quality...
$99.95 $45.99
4" Silicone Tobacco Pipe with lid
This tobacco smoking pipe fits in any occasions to usesize 4 inch, weight 25gram,shinning colors, made with high quality silicone with lid
4' Smile Face Glass Oil Burner pipe Set of 3
4' Smile Face Glass Oil Burner pipe Thick Glass High quality Unique Happy smile design Oil Burner Pipes 4 inch in length weight 20g each 3 units  per Order,
5.5" Side Handle Top Insect Glass hand Pipe
weight 145 gram,this redish heavy Glass Hand Pipe with cute handle,unique design with insect or gecko on it.unit eachhandmade glass hand pipe, color may vary
$21.99 $19.99
6 " Mini Glass Dab Rig
High: 6 inches Joint size : 14mm Color : clear Bowl : for oil use Style : dabbing rig   this is very simple use dab rig for most beginner, compact and friendly,
6" Straight Neck white Glass Water Pipe
6 inch soild milk white hand held glass oil rigs14.4mm female joints, glass bowl included,unique purple and yellow dots design on the neck
8.5" Heavy Straight Glass Water Pipe with Matrix Perc - Black
High: 8.5 Inches weight : approx 330g Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm bowl Style : Can Base Perc: Matrox Perc Bowl: fitting for dry herb use. This pipe are design with black ring on the top mouthpiece and...
$59.95 from $37.99
9" Purple Straight Glass Honeycomb Percs Water Pipe
Height: 23cm   Joints:14.5mm Base:10cm Glass water pipe accessories included. Honeycomb peculator straight neck
$49.99 $27.99
Scary Eye Glass Bowl
Scary Eye Male Bowl Red eye over milky white glass bowl 14mm male joints bowl attachment adapter fitting 14mm female glass pipes
ShowJade Damascus Steel 1095-15n20 Sloyd Knife Wood Carving Knife with Walnut
Overall Lenght 6.5" Weight Approx 3oz, Hand made in Pakistan Hammer Forged Damascus Steel 1095/15n20 High Quality Carbon MIX ,It will Last forever Perhaps the Only Knife you will every need, Full Tang Blade, Part of the Steel Blade That...
ShowJade Golden Chrome Bullet Shape Cigar Punch
Golden Chrome Bullet Keychain Cigar Punch Weight: 41g Size: L70*W12,punch hole6.5mm Quality Best ShowJade Trademark Products.
ShowJade Remote Car Key Hidden Diversion Stash Safe Compartment Container
Waterproof, you can carry it in anywhere, and hold the key in hand to pay scanner. This Remote Key Stash Diversion Safe was Made from Real Remote Keys, To best use it, please cut the key embryo, Its Looks Real...
$12.99 $9.99
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10" Blue Glass Beaker Water Pipe - Blue
Length: 10" approx Downstem:14mm female to 18mm male glass downstem Accessories: 14mm male blue glass bowl Joint size: 18mm female thick glass weight: 400g
Sold Out
10" Faberge Egg Perculator Glass Recycler Water Pipe
10" Faberge Egg Peculator  Glass Recycler   Water Pipe 10" high Faberge Egg Peculators 14.4mm female joints Bent Neck Glass Bowl Included
$49.95 $39.95
Sold Out
10" Pink Bent Neck Volcanic filter layer Glass Water Pipe - Pink
10" Pink Bent Neck Glass Water pipe Pink color Bent Neck 14.4mm female joints Bowl included. weight 310g Diameter 4 inch High quality glass volcanic filter layer   keyboard: girly bongs, pink bongs, pink water pipes, girls water pipe,
Sold Out
11" Graffiti Glow in Dark Unbreakable Silicone Water Pipe
11" unique graffiti style Unbreakable Silicone Water Pipe,weight 465g ,,joint 19mm female, include silicon downstem and glass bowl,
$34.95 $29.95
Sold Out
11" Inline 8 arms tree shower head perculators glass water pipe. - Green
11" High heavy glass water bong pipe, 425g 19mm female joints 11" high Inline Green color 8 arm tree peculators showerhead peculators bowl included
Sold Out
11" Retro Glow in Dark Unbreakable Silicone Water Pipe
11" unique Retro style Unbreakable Silicone Water Pipe, 11" high weight 465g, joint size 19mm female Glass down stem and bowl included, Glowing in Dark
Sold Out
12" 9 Arms Tree Perculator Honeycomb Filter Glass Water Pipe - Clear Glass
12"    9 Arm Tree Perc  Honeycomb Glass Water Pipe bong Blue color Heavy Base Ice pinch 9 arms tree peculators Straight Neck Honeycomb 18.8mm male joints bowl & nail included
Sold Out
13" Silicone & Glass Water Pipe with Percs
High : 13 inches weight: approx 495g Material : Made from food grade silicone Perc : small showerhead Perc for smooth inhale Joint size : 18mm stem with 14mm bowl Bowl : for dry herb use Detachable body in three...
$49.95 $39.99
Sold Out
14" Milk White Glass Water pipe
Glass Bong "Slender  Sarah" Color :black and white Height: 34 cm 18.8 mm femle joint fit with 14/18 downstem and 14mm bowl Diameter: 45 mm and 50mm Percolator and ice notches
Sold Out
8" Glass Arm Tree Perculator Water Pipe - Clear Glass
8" Glass Arm Tree Peculator Water Pipe, 18mm male joints 8 inch high 4 inch diameter 11 arm tree peculators heavy based, clear color weight approx 400g bowl and nail inclued
Sold Out
Green Bent Neck Water Pipes with Bowl Percolator
Bent Neck 14mm female joints approx 9 inch tall Green Pokermon ball percu bowl included
Sold Out
TH105 Vape Cartridges Ceramic M6T Glass Tank Vaporizer
Sold Out
Tobacco Pipe Stand - Wood Finished - Foldable
Tobacco Pipe Stand - Wood Finished - Foldable Natrually stained wood - color may varry slightly Folds away easily for take along and travel Small and compact Pipe not inlcuded
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