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How hard is to blow glass pipe or glassware?

11 Jun 2023

First, if you just want to make a simple glass bubbler pipe, its super easy, you start with a glass rod and turn it slow at a constant rate with tip right in the center of the torch tips, turn it slow untill the glass has collapsed it self and it look liquidify,

     turn down the flame and let the glass cool for a few seconds before very gental blowing little air into the road to start a bubble. Let that cool down until it will retain its shape. Now take a propane torch at a low setting and direct the tip of the flame right at the side of the bubble where you want your vent hole to be. Blow really hard until the side pops out leaving a hole and your torch blown out. Re-light it and shape your hole a little bit. Let your bubble cool down and it’s done.

that's it, blowing a glass pipe is easy, but make it a art is hard.

the few thing you got always keep in mind,

your work space you should always safe and clean before and after blowing,

when you blowing you have to maintaining proper working temperature in order to avoid thermal shock, its means slow and careful.

Avoiding bubbles that may interfere with the final shape of the piece or cause shattering of the finished piece, like bubble on another bubble, make it out of shapes.

Avoiding denitrification on the surface of a finished piece

if you are beginner glass blower, it will be very frustrated at first, you dont know which to start. google is your best friend. There is a saying that tasks that require significant motor skills take 10,000 hours to master. Working hot glass is probably one of those skills! But don't let that discourage you.

I had always wanted to blow glass. I took some classes and then paid for shop time in a hot shop with a skilled artist helping me. I quickly learned how to do very basic tasks..blow a simple glass, make an ornament,etc. it's when you start trying to do things completely unassisted that you realize how difficult it is. One of the fun things though is watching and perhaps assisting someone who is really really good at it.

and after all that learning, not every one can be glass blowing artist,  because what they says, drawing a line is easy, but make it into a art, require talents, you can create many things with glass,just be creative.

learn while play, when you first time, you do not know buy all the high end equipment torch propane, you can try setup a workroom in the garage,  and very important make sure you have working fire extinguish that is not expired,

always put safety first. happy blowing


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