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Why Filtration are important ?

04 Feb 2024

    A bong is a straightforward device, yet the addition of filtration systems or percolators significantly enhances its value, offering a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. Let us explain to you why the filtration are important,

Filtration is key, not just an add-on, in enhancing your smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the realm of pipes, elevating your smoking routine is always possible. Here are some expert tips to refine your sessions, courtesy of our team.

Metal Screens: Silver or Brass for Flower Bowls

A simple upgrade that can significantly impact is the addition of a metal screen to your flower bowl. This small change can prevent ash from slipping through, ensuring a cleaner smoke and less maintenance on your pipe.

The Nutty Solution for Ash Prevention

Ever been annoyed by ash clogging up your water pipe or getting those unwanted bits in your hand pipe? While an ashcatcher is a great solution, not all pipes are compatible or sometimes you just need a quick fix. Believe it or not, a solution might be found in your kitchen. Placing a small nut, such as a peanut or almond, over the bowl's hole can block ash without obstructing airflow. Plus, it adds a unique flavor twist to your hit. Alternatively, for a less unconventional method, consider utilizing a mesh screen typically found with vaporizers.

Innovate with a Wet Cloth Filter

Traditionally, smoking out of a chillum involves using a damp, thin cloth over the mouthpiece. This method, akin to using a cheesecloth, filters the smoke efficiently, making each hit smoother and cooler. This technique, ideal for chillums due to their direct combustion, can also apply to spoons or small water pipes. Just ensure the cloth is porous enough to allow smoke through.

Cooling Techniques for Smoother Hits

Many pipes are designed with ice pinches, strategically placed indents that hold ice above the water chamber, preventing it from blocking other chambers and providing chilled hits. If your pipe lacks an ice pinch, consider adding chilled water or milk to the chamber for a similar cooling effect. For a mess-free alternative, glycerin coils, either built-in or attachable, can keep your smoke cool without the water overflow from melting ice.

The Importance of Filtration

Effective filtration is crucial for enjoyable and smooth hits. It's a common misconception that a good smoke session involves harsh coughs and scorched throats. Our goal is to transform your smoking experience into one of pure pleasure. For those exploring pipe options, consider the filtration features, particularly the percolators, which play a significant role in smoke purification. Check out our selection of water pipes, easily filtered by percolation types, to find your perfect match.

Incorporate these tips into your next session for a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable experience. Remember, smoking is not just about the rush; it's about savoring each moment. Take the time to enjoy your sessions fully. You've earned it.

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