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How to Keepin' Yer Dab Rig Spick an' Span,

29 Mar 2024
        Y'all wanna keep that dab rig of yours lookin' as shiny as a new spur on a boot? Ain't always the simplest task, but sure as shootin', it's straightforward once ya get the hang of it. With a couple of tricks up your sleeve, a bit of regular upkeep, and a good ol' stash of cleanin' gear, your rig'll be lookin' brand spankin' new.

Fresh Water's the Trick

       First off, it's as plain as the nose on your face. Might not cross yer mind, but a big ol' reason rigs get all mucky is 'cause of dirty water. Now, it's mighty important to do two things: swap in fresh water every time you're fixin' to have a session and don't let water sit in your rig for more'n an hour or so. It ain't rocket science, and the world won't come to a screechin' halt if ya forget now and again, but that water can leave some ugly marks on your bong: hard water spots from the clean stuff or, even nastier, resin marks from the not-so-clean. At its worst, dirty water can turn plumb moldy, which, for obvious reasons, ain't good for your health. Sure, you can clean out a moldy rig, but who in tarnation wants to go through that rigmarole?

The Lowdown on Cleanin' Fluids

       A smart move is to give your rig a good swish with warm water now and again, then toss it out. This'll get rid of some early gunk, but ain't gonna make it pristine. That's where cleanin' solutions come into play. There're all sorts of store-bought cleaners like Grunge Off that'll do the trick with just a tad pourin' and waitin' (maybe a shake or two as well). Or, mix up your own potion with 91% isopropyl alcohol and a dash of Epsom or Kosher salt to scrub away any stubborn resin. Generally, the store-bought concoctions work a bit quicker.

         Some folks swear by acetone for those real grungy pieces, but it's a toss-up whether that's wise or not. Best stick to the tried-and-true, like commercial bong cleaners or good ol' iso.

Cleanin' Dab Nails

          Now, they might not show dirt like the rest of the rig, but dab nails need lovin' too. Got a titanium nail? Heat 'er up and scrape off the leftovers with a dab tool. For a real thorough clean, dunk it in some 91% isopropyl alcohol, then scrape away any leftovers.

         Ceramic nails just need a bit of heat 'til the resin turns liquid, then a quick wipe with a cotton swab. Make sure to use tongs or something to grab the nails for cleaning, especially where the joint meets the rig, 'cause they get hotter than a two-dollar pistol after you've hit 'em with a torch. Last thing ya want is to be hoppin' around, coolin' off with a cold shower.

       Quartz bangers have their own special cleanin' ritual, kinda like seasoning a cast-iron skillet. Folks call it the Q-Tip Tech—after you dab, take a cotton swab and twirl it around to soak up any leftover concentrate. This won't make it spotless, but it sure helps keep the gunk from buildin' up. Not cleanin' it properly can lead to devitrification, where the quartz gets all cloudy and brittle. Some dabbers dip their cotton swabs in 91% isopropyl alcohol for a deeper clean, especially with those pointy swabs that get into all the nooks and crannies. When it's time for a major clean, you can use the same kinda solution as you do for the body of the rig. Just pop the piece into some kind of container with the solution, give it a gentle shake, and let it soak a spell.

Makin' a Cleanin' Routine

    Both the deep cleans and the quick wipe-downs are key to keepin' your rig lookin' and tastin' fine. And they're easy enough to do, definitely worth the little bit of elbow grease to keep your setup in tip-top shape.

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