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Why do a lot People use Cannabis

15 Jun 2022

 Why do alot telnet people choose to use Cannabis ? 

   Cannabis provide an escape. When you’re different than your peers, especially when you’re have trouble to communicate with them because of your intelligence, it’s common to find refuge in substances. A prime example is the amount of authors, artists and performers who frequently die of overdoses or wallow in substance abuse. It’s a symptom of an issue with the world not accepting or being unable to relate to the world around you. This is bleak, but can also be looked at as a positive thing. An brief escape made possible by cannabis is a blissful experience with very little consequences, compared to other substances that may be much more harmful.
          On the topic of being different, it create a common denominator. This especially rings true in illegal states. In legal states, the fact that you smoke cannabis is no more of a “shared interest” with your neighbor than the fact that you drink beer. In illegal states, it speaks volumes. It could be interpreted as a common rebellion, a common respect for nature, an understanding of plant medicine, a shared interest in culture, a desire to find commonality with one’s peers, etc. Smart and dumb people understand drugs (to some degree) and know that if they both take a few shots or few hits off the bong, they’ll both feel about the same. It’s a unifier in the same way that people come together for creative purposes or teams work together to achieve a goal or win a game, regardless of intelligence.
      Point blank, smart people know more about drugs than their dumb peers. Generally, people with higher capacities for learning, understanding and critical thinking have a tendency to question what they’re told, investigate and experiment on their own, and prove or disprove existing theories. Pick a topic and a smart person is more likely to care enough to delve into it than a dumber peer. Drugs are no different. Whereas simple minds might accept anti-drug propaganda or “just say no” messages from teachers and parents early in life, others may respond with “why” and when dissatisfied with the answers, seek out their own information. I remember stumbling (literally, on StumbleUpon) onto Erowid when I was in high school and being fascinated with the stories and knowledge that had been collected into a central repository. Many of the people who contributed to the site weren’t your standard, propaganda “druggies,” but were intelligent, literate individuals providing real world experiences that weren’t being shared elsewhere. When you know what the LD50 of a substance is and know that a standard does is much smaller and could provide an interesting experience or learn that no one has ever died from the use of cannabis or a variety of other helpful tidbits, your threshold for what is and is not acceptable changes. You no longer look at substances as outright taboo, but rather as tools that should or should not be be utilized to achieve a goal. Ayahuasca is a prefect example of a substance that is not designed for the casual user, nor for casual use by an experienced user, but offers many benefits as a substance, when researched and used accordingly. Clinics in other parts of the world treat drug addiction and a host of afflictions with this substance that is an “illegal drug” under US law. Cannabis is no different. Some 35+ states have cannabis laws on the books saying the substance has value, the federal government has patents on its medicinal value, and yet it remains a controlled substance.

  1. Smart people are more likely to  push the limits. The people I know who are intelligent, well-read, and experienced critical thinkers are also the first ones I know to call bullshit on someone or something. Whether its a social media post or a public speaker, there’s this dedication to the truth that cuts through societal codes of right and wrong, legal and illegal, medicinal or not. As touched on, the societal belief is that “illegal” aspects of life must be negative simply because of their legality. Because, why would anything good be illegal? Someone without that inquisitive, bullshit-denouncing spirit might just let it go at that, whereas their smarter peers would consider lobbying by businesses that are threatened by a new drug or biases held against certain races and policies surrounding contracts and private prisons. There’s a variety of reasons a drug is “illegal” and “bad” and very rarely do they have to do with outright science once dumbed down to a soundbite digestible by the general public.

to summer up the reason most people who use cannabis for the four reasons:

  • Creative Freedom - Cannabis enables me to make connections and express thoughts differently than I often do without it. Not that it turns you into a super-communicator, but it allows you to come up with ideas you may not have explored as fully or disregarded as outlandish or unattainable. It allows your brain to run down that trail for a few miles and see what would happen before deciding if it’s the trail you should take.
  • Tunnel Vision - Once you’ve found your trail, staying with the path and avoiding second-guessing and distractions is key. For me, cannabis enhances my ability to compartmentalize projects and aspects of my life unrelated to the task at hand. It creates a tunnel vision of sorts that blocks out distractions and current tasks on my to-do list that would otherwise sway my attention all over the place.
  • Slow Down - Cannabis helps me pace myself. Especially if I’m excited about an idea, my brain (and often my mouth) starts rapid-firing ideas and plans and tasks. Cannabis allows me to take a second and digest, “compiling my notes” and then effectively communicating them. On a recreational level, it also allows me to take time to just be, enjoying my surroundings, activities and the people I’m around without running to the next task or project.
  • No Hangover - Especially regarding recreational use, but cannabis use in general doesn’t create that awful sluggish next day like alcohol or other intoxicants do. In legal states, having access to different strains with different effects is an added benefit for choosing the right cannabis option for your intended purposes. As someone who likes to enjoy cannabis throughout the day, but doesn’t really “recreate” until all of my tasks are done, the heavy, end-of-day-session allows for relaxing, enjoying life, and all without having to trudge through the next days work at half-speed.
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