12" Blue Glass pipe with ice pinch and percs
Style : Straight Glass Pipe Approx Height: 12 inches Thickness: 5 mm Base diameter: 3.2 inches Function: 3 prong ice pinch Perc 1: 8 arms perc Perc 2: honeycomb perc Joint Size: 18.8 mm This is very durable glass water...
$79.95 $42.95
13.5" Beaker Glass Water Pipe - Green
With its solid coloring and platinum decals, the 13" Full Color Beaker Bong has a very sleek look. Down the neck of the pipe, up towards the flared mouthpiece of the bong, is a Nucleus logo in a shiny but...
$79.95 $49.95
14" RM Jumbo Heavy Dute Glass Water Pipe Bong
14" RM Jumbo Glass Water Pipe downstem and glass bowl included unique R & M design glass water pipe Base Diameter approx 6" 18mm downstem with 14mm joint bowl Keyword: RM Bongs, Cheap Glass PIpe, cheap wholesale bongs, wholesale bongs,...
$79.95 $45.95
14mm glass on glass ash catcher for water pipe - Blue
14mm male joint 3" ashcatcher attachment fitting 14mm female joint glass pipes
4" blue one eye glass handpipe
4" blue one eye glass handpipe the pipe is mainly blue color, the outstanding white color design on the bowl, weight about 90 g unit each
4" Mini Glass Water Pipe Dabbing Rig - Blue
High: 4 inches Joint size : 14mm joints Bowl : clear 3mm thickness  banger  Thickness : 3mm Perc: Small Shower head Percolator filter weight approx : 250g   This is very unique piece, easy to carry and easy to use,...
4.5 " Squid glass hand pipe
Beautiful 4.5 " Squid glass hand pipe, made with high quality glass, weight about 6oz,
4.5" Blue Monkey Holding Stash glass hand pipe
Blue Monkey Hand pipe, monkey is holding the glass bowl. the tail work as mouthpiece, high quality made very unique designs. size 4.5 inch weight 110g, 
$35.99 $28.95
4.5" GRAV® Bauble Spoon - Blue
4.5" GRAV® Bauble Spoon made on 25mm tubing with large glass maria and inverted ash catcher mouthpiece. length height    4.5" use with Flower carb On the Right designed by Stephan Peirce
Sold Out
10" Blue Glass Beaker Water Pipe - Blue
Length: 10" approx Downstem:14mm female to 18mm male glass downstem Accessories: 14mm male blue glass bowl Joint size: 18mm female thick glass weight: 400g
Sold Out
14" Glass Round Base Water Pipe Bong
Approx 14" highweight 950g18.8mm jointsround base with straight neckIce pinch and spiral coils
Sold Out
3.5" heavy frit elephant glass pipe assorted color.
3.5" heavy frit elephant glass pipe assorted color. weight about 150g unit each
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