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How to find the Best Rolling Paper

14 Mar 2024
Sometime on a journey through the world of cannabis, I've discovered the unsung hero that can make or break the sensory delight of each puff: the humble rolling paper. It's not just about the ritual of lighting up with a hemp wick instead of a butane lighter or selecting the finest herbs. The real game-changer lies in the quality of your rolling paper.

Imagine my revelation when I realized that the right rolling paper could elevate my smoking sessions from mere routine to a pure, unadulterated taste of bliss. And with the world tilting towards organic living, why should our smoking habits be any different? So, let me guide you through a curated list of rolling papers that promise to keep your herb tasting as nature intended.

Starting for Rolling

1. **Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers**: My journey began with these champions of the unbleached world. Crafted from sustainable hemp, these papers are a testament to how going chlorine-free can drastically enhance your smoking experience. The moment you transition from bleached to Pure Hemp's natural papers, the purity of your herb's flavor becomes unmistakably evident. Plus, their generous pack size means you're always prepared for your next session.

    **Tip**: Venture into Pure Hemp's rolled papers for an even more convenient smoke.

2. **RAW Organic Rolling Papers**: Next on my list, RAW's offerings are not just any papers; they're a commitment to organic, pesticide-free enjoyment. These papers burn with a gentle consistency, thanks to their thoughtful watermark design, ensuring your smoking experience is both smooth and slow. And for those who are environmentally conscious, their vegan, hemp-based gum is the cherry on top.

    **Tip**: Experiment with the King Size Slim for those days when you're feeling a bit more adventurous.

3. **Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers**: A true classic that combines tradition with innovation. Randy’s introduces a stainless steel wire in each sheet, a godsend for those final moments of a joint. The "roots" variety offers a thinner, organic option that preserves the essence of your herb.

    **Tip**: Embrace the wire as your built-in roach clip; it's a feature you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

4. **OCB Premium Rolling Papers**: Hailing from France, these papers are the epitome of elegance in smoking. Their flax-based composition and Arabic gum adhesive make them a dream for the organic enthusiast, ensuring a slow burn that respects the integrity of your herb.

    **Tip**: Don't be deterred by their thinness; pair them with a rolling machine and OCB tips for an unmatched rolling experience.

5. **Original Cones (Natural)**: For those days when effort is a distant concept, Original Cones come to the rescue. Pre-rolled with a cardboard tip, they offer the ultimate convenience without sacrificing the purity of unbleached hemp paper. Just stuff, twist, and light up for a hassle-free session.

    **Tip**: Perfect for gatherings, these cones ensure you spend more time enjoying your company and less time fiddling with papers.

The Final Puff

Navigating through flavored papers and various materials, I've come to cherish the pure, unadulterated taste of my herbs. These rolling papers not only promise a cleaner smoke but also respect the very essence of what we choose to inhale.

Remember, the art of rolling is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Experiment with different papers to find your perfect match, and always keep an eye out for those little extras that can transform your smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned roller or a curious newcomer, embracing high-quality, taste-preserving rolling papers is a step towards a more mindful and enjoyable smoking ritual.
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