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10 Best tips for Dabbing

11 Jun 2023

Do you want to be a good showman at the next bon party, or you want to be the centre of attraction as the coolest smoker. Then you have to read this article as you would learn some great tricks to get all eyes on you in the next party you attend to. Tricks that would even want non-smokers to want to be able to smoke like you do, because you would actually make smoking look so cool.

You should know that for you to be able to successfully pull this smoke tricks, you need the right atmosphere that is not to windy and secondly you need a mouth full of smoke to be able to pull this offer to the amazement of the crowd. It does not matter if you are vaping or smoking, you can still achieve any of these tricks; just keep reading to get some of the most amazing smoking tricks.

 Smoke Rings: This is one smoke trick that is said to be as old as time itself. Sorry please forgive my exaggeration as but that is just how it is.The smoke ring is one of the oldest smoke tricks known to man. Despite the smoke ring being one of the oldest smoke tricks, it still gets you the right audience and make you the cool smoker when done at a party.

To achieve the smoke ring, you need to gather up all the smoke you have inhaled in your mouth and then let the smoke you have gathered sit on your chicks for about two to three seconds. When you have held the gathered smoke in your cheeks for about two to three seconds, then create the shape of an “O” with your lips. After creating the shape of an “0”, don’t exhale, rather push the smoke gradual out by opening and closing your throat. The movement of opening and closing your throat would release a small amount of ring smokes. You need a lot of patience and practice to achieve the smoke rings when you are trying it out for the first time. But this is an awesome trick when you learn it. Some call those who are able to do this repeatedly without stress “master smokers”.

THE FRENCH INHALE: I know you want to pull off that don/ capon smoke trick for your audience. The French inhale is one smoke trick that would give you the don reputation. There is a reason why the French inhale is also regarded as the water fall, which is due to its unique pattern. Doha the French inhale is seen as a basic trick but its simplicity still makes it elegant. To achieve the French inhale, you need to get as much smoke as you can get in your cheeks, try your best to hold it in your mouth without it hitting your throat. The next step after having the smoke in your mouth is to slightly jut your lower lips to help create an opening to let out some smoke from your mouth. Then your inhale the smoke you let out through your nose. It is important for you to slowly let the smoke out from your jut lips; this is to enable you to inhale the smoke from your nose. You can also push your jaw forward to enable you inhale the smoke. This is actually the magic of exhaling the smoke and then taking it back again. This trick may not need so many practices but you have to be a skilled smoker to easily achieve this.

Ghost Inhale: The party is already hitting up, and you feel invisible, simply do the ghost inhale and become the visible ghost. The ghost inhale is one of the most popular smoke tricks but you can still amaze the crowd with your smoke inhale skills. To do the smoke inhale, simply inhale some smoke and then you exhale a small quantity of the smoke and then you quickly try to inhale all of the smoke you just exhaled. Ghost Inhale is actually much easier when compared to the French inhale and the smoke ring and takes a shorter time to master. It is also very important for you to know that timing is everything in ghost inhale as you don’t want to miss the timing which would make all your efforts futile. You need to inhale all the air you exhale in ghost exhale that’s what makes you stand out.

The Dragon: One smoke trick I love so much is the Dragon, its one smoke trick that stands out among other smoke tricks. You are bound to get the applause of most of the people in the room, as you be pulling out more smoke trick that gives you the badass reputation. The dragon trick has smoke coming out from both the corners your mouth and nose making you look awesome and like the coolest dude in the room. To pull off the dragon, you need to drag in lots of smoke without letting it get to your throat and lungs. Store the smoke in your mouth and then press both your upper and lower lips to?

BULL RINGS: This is one of the cool smoke tricks one can perform. It also involves two types of smoke tricks, the smoke ring and inhaling the smoke ring. So basically, the bull rings works like this, when you exhale the smoke as a smoke ring, then you quickly try and inhale the smoke back through the nose. While inhaling the o smoke back through the nose, as the ring smoke goes back into the nose, it crease the illusion of a bull ring hanging from your nose before the smoke if fully inhaled. This is not advised for starters as it is a bit tricky.

Smoke Tornado: You know how tornadoes can be. Don’t worry there is no cause for concern. Tornado is one smoke trick that requires an assisting material to achieve. The tornado can be achieve in two ways, the first is with either cardboard paper or towel roll, the second is with just your hands. To achieve the first method, blow smoke into the towel paper roll and let the tube gather the smoke. Place the towel paper roll against the table and as the smoke begins to gather, take the towel paper roll away and then carefully slide your hand over the smoke then immediately guide the smoke with your hands into the air to form a tornado shape.

You can also achieve it with just your hands but it might not look as cool as when you do it with towel paper roll.


Bane Inhale:The bane inhale is like the French inhale with some twist, or should I call it the French inhale pro. The Bane inhale smoke kind of forms a smoke like the mask worn by bane in batman. To achieve the bane inhale, you need to inhale the smoke through your nose, and then your top teeth should be clenched on your bottom lips. The smoke would escape through the gaps in your teeth. The smokes escaping through gaps in your teeth would create the effect of you wearing the bane mask. This is actually one of the craziest tricks you will ever experience. Only a few smoker are able to achieve this trick and with loads of practice.

 Now you have it all, it is time to take to your practice room to see have far you will go with achieving some this tricks or all of them. However, it is nice to note that you can still have a perfect smoking experience and with a lot of fun without having to do any trick or learning any. Nevertheless, the tricks are so sweet to experience and they add a whole new type of excitement to the smoking experience.

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