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How to clean a silicone or glass pipe ?

11 Jun 2023

First get your pipe read, if you have a silicone or glass bong, you need to take off all attachments, you may have for example downstem, slide, bowls, put aside . then hold the pipe upside down to make sure there is not any leftover substance inside the pipe, for smaller pipes like the elephant pipe or silicone hand pipes  you can skip this step.

 gas mask bong

Second prepare the cleaning area, get a pan or large bowl from your kitchen, if you don’t have it, you can also use the kitchen sinks, but make sure you have something soft like piece yoga matt, or tower, put on the sink so this way in case you drop any glass attachments, nothing gets broken, 


Third.  Get the cleaning material ready, you will need ,Get soda powder two spoons,, salt two spoons, and 97% Alcohol ⅓ cup , rubber gloves a pair, and some cup or gun cleaning straw brushes,better to have two, all of them you can find easily in the kitchen,  if you can not find any of it, fine, 

Get a piece tower or any not wears dirty t-shirt with handsop, or laundry detergent.  You need salt and soda to soak the pipe, and Alcohol removes any gems or bacteria, and gloves to protect your hand burns from it. 


4, put your hand glove on, then put the pipe or bong in the pan or large bowl or kitchen sink with stopper , and fill it with water , just enough water to cover your pipe, then you add one spoon salt and one spoon soda power,  stir it,  let the pipe soak in the water for a ten to fifteen mins best,   Then you use the cup stick brush to clean the pipe, back and forward a few times. Sometime if you water pipe or bong is too long too deep, you can use piece tower or paper throw it inside the pipe, and use the stick brush to push it around the base,  most the time the silicone water pipe are come in one piece, from the mouthpiece are to the base there is about 6-11 inch deep,  so you will have to use longer stick brushes, stick inside and clean it a few time, then you put the salt/soda water  wash the pipe, then pour out the water ,and check the base and clean it again,  for the joints and other small area, you will have to use the cotton stick to clean it, i'm sure you can find some cotton stick from your girls purse,.


5, until you have a clean inner base, you can remove the kitchen sink stopper ,let the water drain, and get clean fresh water, and wash the water a few times. If you have a large pan or bowl , pour the dirty water away and get fresh water .Make sure the chemical  from salt, soda, does not mix with alcohol. Check the pipe,  

6, now the most important step, sometime you share the pipe or sometime you use different tobacco to smoke, so it will have a lot smells, soda salt water remove some but not all, also it still  might have gems, in the joints area,  after you done the cleaning , now its time to get pipe to sanitize .  Do not pour alcohol in the water,  if it mix with water, its useless, not strong enough, so now you just pour the water in side the pipe, shake the pipe a few mins, and use piece kitchen tower to rubber  and use a clean stick brushes, to rub down the pipe base again, make sure you clean that stick brush after the four steps. 

7,  after you do the deep clean wash with alcohol,no gems, no batericas, no virus,  you pipe is almost ready, almost but not yet, you don't want to smell that strong alcohol in your pipe, so wash the pipe thoroughly a few time with clean water,   it will still have some smells, but that's ok, now just drop a few drops that handsop in side it, let it have some water, shake it until the bubble comes,  then pour the water out,  put fresh water in , shake then pour it out again, 

Approx. about three or four time, you pipe are just good as new, no smell, and ready to be use, 

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