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How to choose torch lighter?

11 Jun 2023

First try get the brand with better reputation,  the brand like Zippo, Bic lighter, Tiger Lighter, Hoarest Lighter, Zico lighter, Rikang Torch, Sorch Lighters, Zippo and Bic and ciper did not make much the lighter with torches, most are made for home use ,or BBQ use.

From those brand Raking Lighter are worst in quality and Zippo are most reliable.

So how do you tell which are good and bad?

The Weight, some lighter when you holding it in hand it give you this cheap flimsy plastic feel, you afraid you drop it and it will get exploded,   and some other they weight like dumbbell . Full metal enclosed which means they are very durable too.  Also there middle ones, you see some metal in there and you also see some clear plastic window to show you how much gas you have in the lighter, are they good ? some yes, most lighter have leaking problem this those,

Second check the seal edges, High quality built lighter are seal very tightly, you won’t insert a paper into the gap, and the edge are sand very smooth’s, not sharp, and does not show any sign like the lighter just get out a mod machines, rough edge and stick out piker or needles,

Third check all the turning knobs, if you torch lighter are disposable, that is one thing, but most torch lighter are built with refillable knob on the bottom, check those Knob and the better one are just made for each other, if you use the end of the pen to pick it, the knob doesn’t not move at all,  I do see a lot lighters, the hole at the bottom are so big and the knob are so small , felt like you can insert a wrench  in there. Those are bad examples . you may also try use mini screwdriver  try to adjust the knob so it will level the torch flame, if it works, it good lighter, I do also saw some brand lighter make that just for show, they do not work at all. My guess drill a hole and put a knob there may cost few cent less.

Last check the torch lighter reviews. Now days who buy expensive lighter in store ? every one is going online, so check the reviews if they have a lot negative reviews, just don’t get it, save youself the hassle with the seller.

Just recently I happen to buy a torch lighter from Ebay. And the seller is from China, after three week waiting, I got the lighter, and immediately open it. Bang, defective unit,

The seller told me they gonna ship me another one. But months after months, there is no replacement, and they told me there is refunds. But again no refunds. After contact Ebay. They told me its pass 30 days windows ,they cant do anything. And contact Paypal. They told me u got ship the deftive one back. One way trip for a lighter to China its Cost  nearly thirty bucks.  Doh

So try get it in good fashion USA and check the reviews before you buy it.

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