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How to use a Dab Rig/Oil Rig? for beginners

11 Jun 2023

As we move from burning weeds, paper rolling and smoking pipes to dabbing our cannabis, there is this increasing popularity in dab rig. If you are lover of cannabis, you cannot for NO to this perfectly refined piece of cannabis (dab). Well, for the sake of some cannabis lover who has not gotten the opportunity to understand the dab rig or know how best to use it or the best dab rig to buy, this article will provide a detailed all you need to know about a dab rig.

To keep this journey as simple as possible, you will go from understanding what a dab rig is, to the different dabs and dab rigs available and then, how to use a dab rig for the best experience.


What is a DAB RIG?

For every means you want to enjoy your cannabis, there is an instrument for it. This instrument or equipment has the sole job of making sure that you have a great time. If you want to have a wrapped puff, you will need a riz, you want to get a HIT, and you have a bong. Cannabis has being going through many revolution and we have dab now. In order to enjoy your dab, you need a dab rig. This is a bong- like instrument basically used for dabbing cannabis, only that it is smaller in size. Dab rig has some of the component of a bong like the downstem which is called the bong or water pipe.


Just like bong, there are several types of dab rig and we are going to explain them in this article to enable you make the right choice while keeping a dab rig for your comfort.

  1. The traditional or conventional dab rig: if you are a lover of wax and rosin dab, you should be familiar to this type of dab rig. It is usually made of borosilicate glass and it looks more like a bong. Because of the glass it was made off, you can trust its durability. However, it can come in different designs, size and color.
  2. The recycler dab rig: if you like your dab extra filtered, removing every carcinogen and toxins, then you will have to go for the recycler dab rig because it comes with a percolator which provides extra filtration. The recycler dab rig gives you a clear Hit and you will likely fall in love with its unique appearance.
  3. The mini dab rig:you want an “on-the –rig”? Now you have it. The mini dab rig just like the name goes is a smaller version of dab rig. It is easy to be carried about. Nevertheless, the size does not have anything to do with the functionality because it performs perfectly like every other dab rig.
  4. The E-rig:with the e-rig, there is no need for a torch because it is heated electronically. It could be used almost anywhere and it is very handy as it is easy to transport. E-rigs are rechargeable.
  5. The silicon dab rig:because of the material used in making this type of rig, it is almost impossible for it be damage because it fell or slipped. It is perfect for smokers, who are at the risk of having an accident. It is also very easy to clean after use.
  6. The honey straw: this type of dab rig does not look like the normal dab rig you know. It is usually like a tube and may be considered the most portable type of dab rig. Some straw comes with an in-built water chamber while others don’t. Honey straw are also called nectar collector.

Dabbing rig normally built by those parts.

In order to use the dab rig effectively, you need to first understand the parts of the dab rig. Though the parts are not that complicated, but you need to know what they are called and how to fix it right. Let’s go on to understand the parts of a dab rig:

  1. The water pipe: this is also known as bong. Its major duty is to hold water and then the water helps in filtration and cooling down the temperature as the dab vapor goes through the chamber. The water pipe is typically like the traditional bong.
  2. Banger or Nail:this is the actual “business” part. This is where you put in the dab (shatter, hash or rosin). Just like a bong bowl. It is from this channel you will heat the dab from. This part of the dab rig is usually made with materials that are heat resistance because it constantly get heated in a high temperature between 170 - 175 Celsius.
  3. Torch: this is used to heat up the dab in the nail. You will not be able to heat up your dab into desirable temperature with a match stick and so you go for a touch. Usually, it is best to go for a butane or propane touch for maximum effect. However, a smaller torch can still do the job.
  4. Dabber or Dab tool:this may be like the smallest and some may say almost unnoticed part of a dab rig but it is one of the most essential parts of the rig. This part of a dab rig is used to get in the concentrated substance into the banger and it is also used to make sure that you have an even burning of the substance. Remember, the banger is always very hot when heating up a dab.

How to use a Dab Rig/Oil Rig

As a weed lover, dabbing your concentrated weed is a whole new awesome experience but if you are not conversant with the dab rig,  you might struggle with it, especially in your first experience.  However, you have nothing to worry because this article will guide your every step on how to use a dab rig.

  1. Heat your Banger or Nail: once everything is set and you are ready for the action, the next thing to do is to heat up the banger using your torch. You may need to aim at heating up the whole banger but apply caution so as not to heat up a part that will have a direct contact with your body (skin). If the red hot part of a rig gets to your skin, it may ruin the all activity. Also, once the nail is heated to a desired temperature, it is advised to allow it cool off a little (about 30 seconds) because you get the perfect vaporization at a lower temperature.
  2. Time to dab: with your banger heated, all you need to do now is introduce your concentrated cannabis and allow it to heat. Then you simply inhale the vapor. You will continue inhaling (of course at pace and convince) until you are sure you have consumed all the dab you added. Do not be tempted to put in so many concentration at a time because these substance are very high in THC and may cause you some detrimental after effect or even an immediate effect for many. (Remember, you can always heat up another dab).  However, there is no known quantity of dab that is appropriate or right at a time. You need to understand how much works for you and what don’t work. Dabbling is more of an individual experience. Go get yours!
  3. Change water: After the inhale there is pretty nothing much to do, you just have to relax and enjoy sweet sensation. But you must have to change the water from time to time. It may not necessarily be after every dab but it is necessary to change the water if you have used it for many dabbing sessions. This is to make sure that the overdue water do not add its own flavor to your original dad flavor.
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