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How to use the Zeppelin pipe

11 Jun 2023

What is Zeppelin Pipe ?

   Zeppelin pipe or Torpedo Pipe, it is a pipe designed to smoke without flames,  it to eliminate the fire when you can still smoking it , and never get caught on fire or people,  Most common see is the torpedo pipe, people call it torpedo pipe because the shape of the pipe is exactly like a miniature torpedo,big head bowl with a lid to close and small end is the mouthpiece area you can inhale with.

Why do people call Zeppelin pipe the zeppelin pipe,

    Because the shape look like almost identical zeppelin, the giant air balloon spaceship that flowing in the sky you see in the 60s, First it was inventing by smart German in the 1930s,  The airship was designed to be filled with helium gas but because of U.S. export restriction on helium, it was filled with hydrogen, anyway the ship did not end very well, its tragic story.  Thats the background of The Zeppelin 

What makes the Zeppelin Pipe


zepplin pipe




Most the zeppelin pipes have three parts,some may be made from metal or exotic woods  or stone,  the parts are front cover ,mouthpieces and body. Sometimes it was made with wood,but it still had the same constructed parts, just different designs. Some just like a fat cigar ,some like torpedo , please notes that torpedo was invention in the 1860s, its almost 100 years ahead of the Zeppelin, pershaps we should all call Zeppelin pipe Torpedo pipe. 

The beauty of Zeppelin Pipe, 

  It work like regular tobacco pipe, except there is front cover when you light up the tobacco inside, you can put the front cover back up , while you can continue smoke,the tobacco will continue burns inside the pipe, the cover prevent any fire to get out, but there still small holes to let the in for the fire. and you can basically put the pipe anywhere,imaging you are etch and urging for a hits,  and the place you in are not allow fire and you cannot allow other people to see it,  and Zeppelin pipe are one the choice you can use at this kind situation, another pipe you may chose to use its sneak a toke or sneak a vape pipe, its same functions with reloadable tobacco chamber in the center of the pen, with a built in lighter. 

How to use Zeppelin Pipe

   to use it, you unscrew the front cover remove anything in the front bowl then you may  load whatever favor herb or tobacco you like in the front end bowl and press little. Then  light it up with lighter, after a hit you may  put the cover back on, repeat those steps s enjoy it,  and don't have to worry about the hot herb torch anything,  or there is another aluminum made zeppelin ,mostly made in china, they come in two size, small one about 3 inchs and big one about 3.9 inchs,  they are made of two pieces, and small cover in the front with a small hole in the middle.

Zeppelin pipes are popular among individuals who prefer a quick and discreet smoking experience. Due to their compact size, they can easily fit into a pocket or purse, making them ideal for on-the-go use. They provide a convenient way to enjoy small quantities of herb without the need for larger, more conspicuous smoking devices.

Over all its great little pipe, more functional then regular tobacco pipes. also It's important to note that the use of Zeppelin pipes or any smoking device should be done responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, proper cleaning and maintenance of the pipe are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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