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Silicone pipe vs glass pipe

11 Jun 2023

In now days maybe one in every of the foremost “smoker-friendly” trends to hit the market recently is that the rush of silicone smoking devices. With the recent announcement of growth, Simple Glass Pipe is currently starting to provide a good array of silicone pipes, bongs, rigs, nectar collectors and accessories.

   Besides merely being colourful, these versatile devices square measure much indestructible in contrast to their glass counterparts. Let’s review the execs and cons of this progressively in style material.
What is Silicone?
 chemical compound|siloxane|polymer} could be a artificial polymer material which may be delineated  of a hybrid between rubber and plastic that is employed to create many various things like cooking utensil and utensils, baking pans, food containers, and even square block molds.

 basically, silicone starts out as sand. Quartz and normal beach sand square measure much pure oxide. By heating oxide with carbon at extreme temperatures, Si is made. This Si is then reacted with fossil fuels and refined. Quality of the silicone resins depends for the most part on the amount of purification.

 this complete method makes a awfully stable compound that is very heat and chemical resistant.

Benefits of silicone
 though glass has been the popular material for several years, siloxane offers many edges that glass devices can’t:

    Flexibility – silicone could be a versatile, heat-resistant material, therefore, they will be bent, folded, and stuffed into backpack or bag while not breaking. silicone bongs square measure excellent for habitation visits, music festivals, and more.

 sturdiness – clearly, the largest downside to glass is - it breaks. whether or not it happens at the whim of a slipshod friend throughout a smoke sesh, or by obtaining a bit over-zealous whereas cleanup, the very fact of the matter is glass breaks and siloxane won’t.

    Light-Weight – silicone is far lighter than glass.

 value – as a result of siloxane pipes and bongs square measure mass created, the worth is far but custom glass rigs and bongs. you'll notice siloxane bongs and pipes on Mile High Glass Pipes for fewer than $40!

 straightforward cleanup – as a result of silicone is versatile, these devices square measure super straightforward to wash.

Is silicone polymer Safe?
 betting on the manufacturer, absolutely. Most product on the market these days square measure created with top-grade, FDA-approved siloxane that is non-toxic and freed from BPA’s. abundant of the silicone cooking utensil out there these days is created from constant material. The Canadian equivalent of the US authority, Health North American nation, stated: "There are not any celebrated health hazards related to use of silicone cooking utensil. synthetic rubber doesn't react with food or beverages, or turn out any risky fumes."

   That being aforementioned, continuously use a glass or metal bowl, banger, or tip. though silicone is meant to face up to temperatures of up to 600°F, ne'er apply flame or a torch on to the silicone.

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