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The Bong How to Dictionary.

30 Apr 2023

everyday we get people to ask how to do this, how to use that, and why there is no instruction come with the hand pipe ? what is ashcatcher, should i get it ? first it may sound like someone new, but after while when you see too many it, Ok perhaps something need to be done.

here is the completed guide for bong smoking. we will explain what is what and why is that.if you have addition question you can common and we will add it.

Bong -  also referring to Water pipe is the legal term you can use when you walk in a store buy your tool for the medicine use.  most the time it are made with thick glass. bong come in many shapes, round base, beaker base the most popular one or can straight body base.

Recylcer  -  Recylcer is also a type of water pipe or bong, the reason its been called a recyler, its the unique designs, most the time the glass piece are built with twisting up down or sideways stems glass, when you use it you can see through the glass the water are flow in circulation, most the time they are expensive, because the difficulty  to crest it.

glass slide

Slide -  a slide or downstem, a slide is a short glass tube piece with one end open bowl design, slide are pretty standard in size, may come in many colors, but the shape dont change much except the length.

Downstem - a downstem is almost identical to a slide, The downstem is typically a cylindrical tube made of glass, although it can also be made of other materials like silicone or metal. It is inserted into the opening of the water pipe, extending downward into the water chamber. At the top end, the downstem features a joint or connection that allows the bowl or slide to be attached securely.

The primary functions of a glass pipe downstem are as follows:

  • Smoke Filtration: When the user inhales through the pipe, the smoke passes through the downstem, which extends into the water chamber. As the smoke is pulled through the water, it gets diffused and filtered, leading to smoother and cooler hits. The water helps to remove impurities, ash, and some harmful toxins, providing a more enjoyable smoking experience.

  • Airflow Regulation: The downstem plays a role in regulating the airflow within the pipe. It helps control the amount of air that enters the water chamber, which affects the density of the smoke and the draw resistance. Different downstems may have different designs, such as slits or holes, that influence the airflow characteristics.

  • Smoke Direction: The downstem also directs the smoke from the bowl or slide down into the water chamber, ensuring that it is properly submerged and filtered. This helps prevent the smoke from bypassing the water and reaching the user directly, resulting in a more effective filtration process.

  • Downstems come in various lengths, sizes, and designs to accommodate different types of glass pipes. The length of the downstem can impact the level of smoke cooling and filtration, with longer downstems generally providing more extensive diffusion and smoother hits. Some downstems may also have percolators or diffusers built into them, further enhancing the smoke filtration and diffusion.

    Bowl -  a bowl is just a glass bowl, its may come with many design many colors,, animal or cartoon character, with short glass stem insert at buttom ,normally a glass bowl are always use with a downstem in a glass water pipe, some small pipe does have downstem, you may also use it.

    Banger  -  a banger are different from a glass bowl, glass bowl have a v shape base and its for dry herb use, a banger have flat surface ,A banger, also known as a quartz banger or a dab nail, is a type of heating element used in dab rigs or concentrate vaporizers to vaporize cannabis concentrates. It is specifically designed for use with concentrates such as oils, waxes, shatter, and other viscous extracts.

    A banger is typically made of high-quality quartz glass, although other materials like ceramic and titanium can also be used. It consists of a flat dish or bucket-shaped receptacle that is attached to the joint of the dab rig. The bottom of the banger is where the concentrate is placed for heating and vaporization.

    The main purpose of a banger is to provide a heat-resistant surface where the concentrate can be heated to the optimal temperature for vaporization. The flat design of the banger allows for easy loading of the concentrate and ensures efficient vaporization. Some bangers may also have a built-in air hole or carb cap notch to enhance airflow control.

    To use a banger, the user heats the bottom surface of the banger with a torch until it reaches the desired temperature. Once heated, the user places a small amount of concentrate onto the heated surface, which instantly vaporizes upon contact. The vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the dab rig or vaporizer.


    Dabber - a glass dabber or a titanium dabber or just cheap metal dabber. the size and shape  is about a pen's insert,  it work are transfer the heat to the banger, to create enough cloud so you can inhale it.

    Carb cap - 

    A carb cap is a small accessory used in conjunction with a dab rig or a concentrate vaporizer to enhance the vaporization process and maximize the flavor and effects of concentrated cannabis extracts, such as oils, waxes, or shatter.

    The carb cap is typically made of heat-resistant material, such as glass, quartz, or titanium, and it is designed to cover the nail or banger of the dab rig or vaporizer. The nail or banger is the part that is heated to vaporize the concentrate.

    When using a carb cap, the user applies it over the heated nail or banger while taking a hit. The purpose of the carb cap is to create a chamber-like environment that allows for lower temperature dabbing. By covering the nail or banger, the carb cap restricts the airflow and creates a controlled space for the concentrate to vaporize. This results in a more efficient and flavorful vaporization process.

    The carb cap also plays a crucial role in maintaining and redistributing the heat generated by the nail or banger. It helps to ensure that the concentrate is heated evenly and thoroughly, allowing for a more complete vaporization without wasting any of the precious extract.

    Furthermore, the carb cap helps to regulate the airflow during the dabbing process. By covering the nail or banger, it reduces the amount of air that can flow through, creating a gentle vacuum effect. This can enhance the vaporization efficiency and prevent the loss of precious vapor. Additionally, it can help prevent the concentrate from splattering or bubbling out of the nail or banger.

    Carb caps come in various designs, including flat tops, bubble caps, directional caps, and more. Each design may offer a slightly different airflow and vaporization experience, allowing users to customize their dabbing sessions to their preference


    Nails -  why call it nail ?original nails for glass waterpipe and they  are made with glass, the shape just like a nail you find in the tool box,  but in the most recent 10 year or so ,people invent GR2 titanium nails, that metal nail with two screws ,top side for 18mm joints and down side for 14mm joints. they both interchangeable and  no matter glass nail or metal nail ,they are built for oil use only, you cant use it with dry herb. 

    glass nails

    this is example of ceramic nail.

    Ashcatcer - just like the name it catch ashes, ashcatcher, also known as a pre-cooler or ash catcher, is an additional accessory that can be attached to a water pipe or bong. Its primary purpose is to provide an extra layer of filtration and to catch ash and debris before it enters the main chamber of the water pipe.

    Typically made of glass, an ashcatcher is designed as a detachable attachment that fits between the bowl and the water pipe. It consists of a small chamber with a bowl on top, where the herb is loaded, and a downstem that extends into the water pipe's main chamber. Some ashcatchers may also include percolators or diffusers to further enhance the filtration process.

    When the user inhales, the smoke passes through the bowl of the ashcatcher, where it is initially filtered and cooled before entering the water pipe. The water in the ashcatcher helps to remove ash, tar, and other impurities from the smoke, resulting in a smoother and cleaner hit.


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