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Why smoke glass pipe are better ?

11 Jun 2023

in today world, there is many type pipe you can smoke with,  Internet ,videos, social medias, people are been so creative now days,  there is popular pipe like silicone pipe that not easy to break, stone pipe that is heavy design, look cool and bamboo pipe that is close to mother nature and plastic pipe ,save your money, and finally there is Glass Pipes,  that is most popular material people use to smoke with.

Why ? why people prefer glass pipes , what the benefits of smoking with glass pipe.  there is a few reason, health for one,  style, and powerful hit and visibility.

First Health,

if you every plan to buy a water pipe for smoking your favor tobacco or something,  the water pipe is going to have a filter built in it, at least get one with filters, a filter built in the water pipe will elimated a large number of carcinogens or notine tars before the smoke get to you, 

while there maybe other people debut about how harmful is to smoking with water pipe , for cry out loud you already smoking, harm health ? what , people who smoke dont really care about that, anyway any type filter no matter its arm tree peculator or shower perc, is better then non filter water pipe,

also have a glass water pipe you may add ice in top it, it create smooth and much cooler inhale experiences, that other material pipe not going to get to you.  so this is big plus for glass water pipe,


Second, Water Pipe look much cooler !

honestly  most the glass water pipe user are around age 30-45 middle age,  just image you carry one with the yellow top and dark almost balck buttom bamboo water pipe into your buddies house, they not going to like it, here you try it ? no no no, im use my own, it just dont feel right,

in other hand if you have a huge glass clear water pipe with some design or styliish in it,  when you friend see it, they will be like WOW, this is nice, just think how many complement you will receives.  i

THird, glass heat up fast

glass pipe heat up fast, compare to slicone and stone or bambboo ,either you worry it gong to take all butane from the lighter, or you may end up light up the entired house. or just burn your self, but water pipe, they transfer heat so much better and fast. there is no worry you light up the pipe, and it cool down fast,

Four visibility

most the glass water pipe are made with clear glass, at least the one we can afford are made with clear glass, so you can see thrught things, like how much water you added it and when its time to put new ice cube in there,  and most when you inhale it, the water flow inside the pipe make it circulation is worth alot, how its work the function of the pipe,  

in contract other pipe like stone or bamboo, they are block eveyrthing, you wont able to tell the level of water or ice,

Last Easy to clean

compare to other material pipes, glass water pipe are much easier to clean ,

they can be take off aparts , you just put them in a pan and use cloths carefuly rub them down with alcohol, like touch from your girlfriend, gently inside outside, and you can see from outside, where have spots that need working on, then your done,

because water pipe have this very smooth even surface,  you dont need sand paper or metal cleaning balls that thing people used in the kitchen,  just some alchole and water and cloths,  it will dry very fast under the sun or any sort heat,

for stone pipe, or bamboo pipe after you clean it a few time, you may just start doing that and gain some huge msucle,  because that is heavy, and not even, it will take alot time and effort to clean it, since you cannot see the inside of it.

so if you deiced to smoke something, get a glass water pipe.

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