What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Most the Vaporizer can be use all sort of things, the only differenece is the atmoizer or the tank, by swiching the tank will alow you use oil with coil and heatplate with dry herb and other things,the only difference is the Tempeture dry herb have lower Tempeture and Wax have much higher Tempeture, when you use it make sure your deivce support both functions, People prefer a convection vaporizer over a conduction because the tempeture control functions,

 the body of the vaporizer, herbal vape pen or portable dry herb vape is a battery powered device that let’s you turn your favorite solid herbs, medical marijuana or tobacco into vapor. Simply by grinding and loading it into your herbal chamber.and light it up,

A portable dry herb vaporizer heats up the herbs inside its chamber to a specific degree which reaches the herbs boiling point but not to where it combusts or burns the herbs. Unlike smoking a cigarette, your herbs shouldn’t turn into ash since a vaporizer just vaporizes the active ingredients of the dry herb.

Many people favor an herbal vape over smoking because of the many benefits it has for the body. First off, if you have throat or respiratory problems, you will notice the difference a convection vaporizer provides. Your coughing and mucous build up will stop. You will also notice how much herbs you save up by simply switching to vaping. As said earlier, the herbs don’t get engulfed in flame. Only the active ingredients turn into vapor.

A portable vape pen is usually used by opening the mouthpiece and filling it about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way with your dry ground herbs. Close the mouthpiece/chamber. Turn your vaporizer back on and set it to your desired temperature. All herbs are going to have different temperatures depending on how moist and dense your herbs are. When ready, take a slow hit from your vaporizer.

Word of Advice: Contrary to popular belief, dry herb vaporizers were not intended to make the smell of your herbs go away. Especially with a conduction vaporizer, they tend to give off a strong odor of your material at times.

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