What does cannabis do ?

Cannabis does a lot to a human body,  most the time people use it for the two most popular purposes.

  1. Recreational: a person may consume Cannabis to relaxation after a long day. he/she may be also use it to enjoy the experience associated with it and one may even use it to hang out and talk about things from a different perspective.
  2. Medicinal: Cannabis treats a multitude of disorders and diseases. For example; It can be used for pain relief  and pressure, such as migraines. It can also be used to treat those who may suffer with anorexia and many suggest that it can be used to reduce the activity of tumor and cancer cells.

One common experience that affects each area is the human brain, This temporary loss of ability to recall your short-term memory is part of what heightens your perception. Because you are unable to focus on anything other than the now, what’s happening in that now takes on a whole new importance.

  • Thoughts. Any idea you are having assume more importance. You can become intensely paranoid if you start to think about your fears. You can also assign false importance to rather simple thoughts and thus amuse your friends with your high thinking. It’s also possible to come up with some serious insights and creative ideas this way. It’s easier to meditate because you lose track of your thoughts and can more easily allow them to flow in the way that meditation tries to teach you.
  • Emotions. moods are easier to feel. For someone like me, who tends to ignore or repress their emotions, it’s possible to feel emotions you thought you’d forgotten or were impossible for you to feel (like happiness). However, it’s important to note that you can as easily feel sadness or fear as you can happiness or love. Stay with people you care about when getting high or have positive sources (like happy music videos or My Little Pony) that you can turn to if you find yourself having negative emotions.
  • Your body. Physical sensations are also heightened. The feeling of a fan can turn into a massage. Pain can meld indistinguishably with pleasure. You can feel energy and warmth moving through your body. (If you like this sensation, I recommend using a heating pad when getting high. It’s even more relaxing and lets you root out tension and pain you didn’t even know you had.) While I wouldn’t recommend activities that require a lot of coordination while high, dancing while sitting down or yoga can be rewarding.

Overall, cannabis are heightens about everything, which makes it important to remember the principle that you get what you put in. If you’re doing it to get a little buzz and feel better, then it will work for that. If you’re doing it to ease pain, it will work for that. If you’re trying to get inspired, it works for that too. What to remember is that, if you aren’t careful about what you’re putting in, it heightens the negative as well. Whoever planing to use it need to be careful and make sure to always focus on the positive.

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