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How to clean tobacco pipe ?

21 Jul 2022

Most the tobacco pipe made with hardwood or stone, before we begin we need get all the thing ready,

Lots of things, but generally:

  1. pipe cleaners
  2. shank brushes
  3. Highly distilled alcohol (drinking or isopropyl) or dedicated pipe spirits
  4. paper towels
  5. water
  6. a pipe reamer
  7. Salt
  8. a “magic cleaning pad”

The pipe cleaners and shank brushes soaked in alcohol are for cleaning out the mouthpiece, stem and draw hole(s) of the pipe. Pipe cleaners are also excellent for removing tar deposits from a pipe bowl when doubled over. The alcohol is used as a solvent to make removal of tar easier.

The paper towels are good for cleaning dirt and soot from the outside of the pipe when dipped in water, and tars off of the tenon of the mouthpiece when dipped in alcohol.

The pipe reamer is good for removing excessive built up ash (called “cake”) inside the pipe bowl

The salt is good for removing very stubborn odors from a pipe bowl. You plug the mouthpiece, fill the bowl with salt, soak alcohol to soak the salt and wait a day. After that is done, the tars in the pipe should have migrated into and discolored the salt, which can then be thrown away and the last buts of salt removed with pipe cleaners or paper towels soaked in alcohol.

The magic cleaning pad, dipped in water, is used to clean off any oxidation or discoloration on a pipe’s mouthpiece.

So when you get everything ready,

1), you use the pipe reamer try to clean the bowl then blow the dust away, then redo it again, after the bowl is clean  you sue the shank brushe to clean the pipe,  most the tobacco pipe are easier take aparts, remove the pipe off the bowl and insert the brush pull it backforward to clean the pipe.

2) after the pipe and bowl both clean, you now can use distilled alchol to wash away the pipe smells,  and kill all the germs, i would suggest wash it two or three times.

3) finllay after the alcohol you can use water to wash it, it shouldn’t have any smells, and the pipe should shows the clean wood carving color inside the bowl.

4) last step you use the micro farberic or paper tower to remove all the wet water of the pipe,

After you done all the step you should have a brand new tobacco pipe,

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