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Why do some people smoke and outlive you ?

18 Sep 2022

the answer to this question is complicated, there is many variable involved if you want to living longer .  What if you have car accident, or you get shot in movie theater ? there is no guarantee to that.

but keep this thing in mind, Smoke does and always does harm your health. no matter you smoke slow or fast, one cigarette a day or twenty cigarette a day.

so any benefit from smoking cigarette or bongs ?

it is safe to say that the "positive" benefits suggested could all be gained through other means, which negates attributing them to smoking. On the other hand, whatever fleeting pleasures are achieved through smoking a whole pack will be readily outweighed by the downside to such a habit. First, the monetary cost. Second, the cosmetic cost -- yes, smoking even a quarter of that amount will color your teeth and fingernails a nasty yellow while also greying your skin and causing premature wrinkling in most people. Third, genuine health issues will arise, including the probability of bladder or lung cancer, as well as a host of other even more likely lung problems. And people will be less inclined to kiss you, unless they are also smokers, because that taste does not quickly go away. Your clothes also smell bad, so don't expect a lot of hugs. Ultimately, by any measure, there are no benefits worth the risks, and none that are lasting.

nearly none, no ,its just none.

there  does some people smoke everyday and living longer life, but that number is very tiny, according to studies ,maybe 0.0001 out a million, smoker reach longer life.  once your lung stop work, your pretty much done.

But, if a sick person or persons have medical condition already, starting smoke cannabis, or other things,  to treat or ease the pain, that is the solo benefit

Like people with Parkinson’s Disease FAR LESS than people who don’t smoke. And when people who smoke STOP smoking after many years, which means they’re now middle-aged or older, they very often get diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease shortly thereafter. Parkinson’s Disease is most common in those of middle-age or older, and middle-age is often when the long-term effects of smoking start to come home to roost, so people often do quit smoking in middle-age — which leaves them smack in the bullseye for Parkinson’s.

Nicotine has an organizing effect on neurotransmitters, and commercial cigarette tobacco has been purposefully engineered to give you all the effects of nicotine in a VERY short time (like, 10 seconds after every puff); there are other psychoactive chemicals in tobacco such as MAOIs, and those exert a wondrous effect on neurotransmitters too. MAOIs were the drugs of choice to treat depression, before the SSRIs came along.

Smoking also apparently plays a big role in maintaining a fast metabolism, which helps prevent weight gain. When people quit smoking, it’s not JUST the fact that they feel compelled to keep sticking stuff in their mouths that makes them gain weight; it’s because their metabolic rate slows down.

over all if you have health body, smoke any type thing is highly not recommended.



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