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Ultimate Guide for Rolling Papers

28 Feb 2024

Welcome to the craft of hand-rolling, a skill that transforms the smoking experience into something more personal and nuanced than what you'd get from a water pipe. Before we dive into crafting the perfect joint, let’s explore the myriad of paper choices available, each offering a unique twist to your rolling adventure.

Choosing Your Paper: The World is Your Oyster

From hemp to rice, flax to a mix of both, the options are vast. Papers come bleached or unbleached, organic or not, each with its charm. Most feature a gum seal, usually made from Arabic gum, ready to be licked and sealed, ensuring your creation stays intact.

Hemp Paper: The Sturdy Choice

Crafted from specific hemp strains known for their high fiber content, hemp paper stands out for its thickness, making it ideal for those generous rolls. This paper type undergoes a meticulous process, turning the hemp into pulp before pressing it into fine sheets. Depending on the brand, additional natural ingredients might be added to enhance the paper. Known for its smooth burn, hemp paper minimizes common issues like uneven burning. (Fan favorite: RAW!)

Rice Paper: The Slow Burner

Rice paper, derived from, you guessed it, rice, might sometimes include flax or wood pulp. The process mirrors that of hemp, with rice being transformed and pressed into ultra-thin sheets. Its claim to fame is the slow burn, offering a prolonged experience. (Top pick: Elements!)

Flax Paper: The Beginner's Friend

Made from the linaria plant, a key source for linen, flax paper is the newcomer in the rolling scene. It's processed similarly to its counterparts but is celebrated for its ease of rolling and virtually tasteless smoke, ensuring nothing detracts from the purity of your herb.

Each type of paper brings something unique to your rolling experience, from the tactile pleasure of rolling to the final, smooth draw. Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your skills, choosing the right paper is the first step in mastering the art of hand-rolling. Let’s roll!

Diving Deeper into the World of Rolling Papers

Beyond the realm of hemp, rice, and flax, the universe of rolling papers is vast and varied, teeming with options yet to be explored. These three stand as the titans among a diverse array of materials, each bringing its unique qualities to the rolling table.

Elevate Your Rolling Game with Must-Have Accessories

With the paper landscape thoroughly navigated, let's shift our focus to the gadgets and gizmos that elevate your rolling experience - from rolling tips to machines, shredder cards, and stealthy containers.

Rolling Tips: Enhance your rolls with these tiny yet mighty tubes, designed to fortify the mouthpiece end. Choose between glass for a reusable option or paper for a disposable touch, each serving as a guard against those pesky bits of herbs.

Rolling Machines: For those who seek precision or simply wish to save time, rolling machines are a godsend. Available in various sizes, including the audacious 12-inch model, there's a machine to match every preference, making the rolling process a breeze.

Shredder Cards: Find yourself without a grinder? Fret not! The shredder card is here to save the day, offering a portable solution to grind your herbs anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect companion for the rolling nomad.

Containers: Once you've crafted your masterpieces, you'll need a secure spot to store them. Enter the world of sealable jars and containers, offering smell-proof, resealable, and sometimes waterproof havens for your rolls. Brands like Medtainers and Chrontainers provide stylish and functional options for on-the-go discretion.

Embarking on the Rolling Journey

Armed with the essentials and a sprinkle of enthusiasm, let's unravel the rolling process. Remember, patience is key, and every master was once a beginner.

  1. Preparation: Secure a rolling surface, grind your herbs, and lay out your chosen paper.
  2. Holding the Paper: Use your non-dominant hand to hold the paper by pinching one edge and using your index finger to create a pouch for your herbs. Ensure the gum strip is at the top, facing you.
  3. Adding Herbs: It's time to introduce your herbs to the paper. Start generous, then adjust to a manageable amount. Distribute evenly to avoid clumps, using a rolling tray to catch any excess.
  4. The Roll: Engage both hands to roll the paper, pinching and rolling simultaneously to shape your creation. Aim for a tight, even roll; symmetry is your friend here.
  5. Sealing the Deal: Once satisfied with the shape, tuck and roll the paper around the herbs, then moisten the gum strip lightly and seal your roll.
  6. The Finale: Congratulations are in order! You've crafted your very own hand-rolled marvel, ready to be enjoyed.

Embrace the journey, relish in the learning curve, and soon, rolling will become second nature. Here's to many successful rolls ahead!

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