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What are Incyclers vs. Recyclers ?

22 Feb 2024

In the ever-evolving world of water pipes, incyclers and recyclers stand out for their innovative designs and superior functionality. Both designed to refine and cool vapor or smoke, they offer a smoother, more flavorful experience. Here, we delve deeper into incyclers, compare them with recyclers, and highlight what makes each unique.

Understanding Incyclers

Incyclers, short for internal recyclers, have gained popularity among enthusiasts for their efficient water movement and smooth delivery. Originating from iconic Mothership Glass designs like the “Taurus” and “Klein,” incyclers excel in keeping water and vapor in constant motion, preventing stale hits. Primarily used for dabbing concentrates, they also serve admirably for smoking flower, showcasing their versatility.

How Incyclers Work:

The journey begins as vapor enters the incycler's primary percolator, diffusing into the main chamber. It then moves into the internal section through angled intakes, creating a vortex that enhances the filtration and cooling process. As you inhale, water drains back into the main chamber, getting propelled upwards again by the percolator, ensuring a continuous cycle of fresh, cooled vapor.

Why Choose an Incycler?

Incyclers are celebrated for their ability to deliver fresh, flavorful hits by preventing vapor from becoming stale. The constant water movement cools the vapor to a more comfortable temperature, making every dab or hit a pure and enjoyable experience. For those seeking the ultimate in taste and smoothness, an incycler is a worthy investment.

Key Features of a Quality Incycler:

Fans often rave about the "drain" of their incycler - the time it takes for water to cycle through the piece. A longer, steady drain is indicative of an efficient incycler, contributing to a mesmerizing visual and functional experience. This efficiency not only enhances the smoking or dabbing experience but also adds an aesthetic appeal.

Comparing with Recyclers

While incyclers boast an internal recycling system, recyclers typically feature an external mechanism that performs a similar function. The primary difference lies in the design and the path the water and vapor take. Recyclers often have more visible external tubes that carry water and vapor outside the main chamber before recycling it back in. This design also cools the vapor efficiently but offers a different visual experience compared to the more contained system of an incycler.

Recyclers are known for their effective cooling and filtration capabilities, making them a favorite among those who prioritize smoothness and flavor. The choice between an incycler and a recycler often comes down to personal preference in terms of aesthetics, the intensity of the cooling effect, and the type of percolation desired.

Making Your Choice

Both incyclers and recyclers elevate the smoking and dabbing experience by providing smoother, cooler hits with enhanced flavor. When selecting between the two, consider your priorities: Do you value the sleek, internal design of an incycler, or do you prefer the intricate external pathways of a recycler? Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed a more enjoyable and refined session.

For further exploration into the world of water pipe accessories and to make an informed decision on your next purchase, diving into our knowledge base and guides on low-temp dabbing and the functionalities of different percolators will enrich your understanding and appreciation of these advanced smoking tools. Whether you lean towards an incycler or a recycler, embracing these innovations is a step towards a superior smoking or dabbing journey.

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